Reserved Ticket Pool For BM Regional To BM

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Reserved Ticket Pool For BM Regional To BM

Postby smartie martie » Mon Mar 13, 2017 12:40 am

Is there a way to have a reserved ticket pool to be available to Burning Man, for community members in a leadership role of an official BM regional.
Trying to obtain a ticket now, to BM is really hard compared to, several years ago. In the past, you use to be able to go into a store, in Reno to buy a ticket to BM.
BM does have reserved ticket pools for Theme Camps.
BM does set the basic rules for our event, if we do not follow their rules. BM threatens to pull our regional status. We have to follow their rules to maintain our regional status. What benefit is it to us to maintain a BM Regional status, except we are an official BM regional.

It would be nice if BMorg would have a set amount of reserved tickets for purchase, to distribute, to official BM regionals :D

How can we make this happen?
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