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Postby metapainting » Fri Jul 07, 2017 1:48 pm

The SOFTWARE php BBm is

    Not threaded
    Has no email interface
    Has no native calendar
    Can't export
    No post by email*
    Get's easily confused for search functions (Search the word "budget" for example)
    HAS NO WYSYWIG * (What you see is What you get - visual) EDITOR. Wait, is it 2017 or 2005??

In general, I find this forum design hard to use . . and you can tell I am not alone because we use Google docs, a touch of Facebook and, mostly, email threads to communicate. One has to ask WHY?

Because this space is OUTDATED. Intuitive functionality and integration with existing communication tools is expected nowadays. This ain't that.

The THEME MLP?!?!?!?!

I know we are free spirited, open, accepting community, but the theme on this site also sucks major pony balls. My Little Pony and Hello kitty? FOR SEVERAL YEARS??? WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK PEOPLE. YOU ALL KNOW THIS IS TIRED AS SHIT AND NO ONE SAYS ANYTHING BECAUSE NOONE HAS THE TIME OR DRIVE OR SKILL TO FIX IT BUT COME ONE ALREADY even bad websites and poorly run organizations do redesigns to improve things occasionally. Not here though.

Now, all you pink pony hello kitty lovers can come out of the woodwork and attack me, but ask if you don't think this Myspace level design flair on the screen is **attracting** volunteers, visits, contributions and attention, you are kidding yourself.

I mean, the things that we need to truly work. . . mostly all reside. . . .somewhere else. That's the biggest sign there is a need for improvement I can think of.
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