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Jan 30 PC meeting - multiple agenda items
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Author:  diana-smiles [ Fri Jan 26, 2018 4:05 pm ]
Post subject:  Jan 30 PC meeting - multiple agenda items

New Order of Business: Add Agenda Items to the agenda live during the call, as they occur naturally and vote on them the following meeting (two weeks).
Rationale: as technology is evolving, so is the needs of the PC. As the PC has begun live editing of the agenda during the meeting and posting that agenda publicly, we are able to wield these tools for faster decision making, while still maintaining transparency and public access. This empowers the PC to make decisions in a timely manner without shelving them for after the call, writing and submitting a proposal, discussing one call, and voting the next. As we attempt to building a burn out of nothing, the amount of decisions, questions, ideas, and plans that will need to be made makes this imperative.

Gate Hours: Return gate hours to closing at 8pm on Saturday and Sunday burn nights. Closing at 6 was a dismal failure at Spring '17 as many people are packing and coming and going at that time.

Volunteer Reserved Ticket Program: Separating reserved ticket program from Constellation. Since Constellation didn’t sell out, none of the earned reserved tickets from Spring 17 were used at Constellation and are returned to everyone for PdF 18. As the logistics of tracking the preferences for which burn was laborious, I suggest keeping any volunteer programs developed separate. This makes more sense as we move forward with a new PdF Burniverse and the two events so far apart geographically.

Separating Gate/Ticketing and Greeters. Historically, Gate and Greeters has been semi-merged under the umbrella of Gate, particularly regarding the budget. Proposal is to formally separate these two departments, and give the Greeter coordinator the flexibility of their own budget, their own contact email address (there isn’t one now), and their own standard number of reserved tickets if they don’t already have that. Ticketing is more about operations and greeters is about burner education / acculturation. These departments should be separate.

Department Reserve Tickets: Increase standard number of reserved tickets per department* to six to give coordinators the flexibility to attract reliable volunteers and leadership.
*where appropriate, i.e. the WWW team is only 2 people

Combine Exodus and MOOP Coordinator into one job called the LNT Coordinator - these two are essentially the same job, except one is done during the event and one is done after the event, all with the same goal of leaving no trace. Makes sense to simplify and streamline these two roles into one.

Author:  diana-smiles [ Sat Jan 27, 2018 10:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Jan 30 PC meeting - multiple agenda items

I forgot to add that for the New Order of Business, it can be for this burn cycle only as a trial basis.

Author:  karnak [ Mon Jan 29, 2018 5:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Jan 30 PC meeting - multiple agenda items

plus - I would like add that any coords that we have not heard from by now are not interested and we should move forward recruiting new people

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