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PostPosted: Wed Jun 24, 2009 1:58 pm 
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I'll leave this thread stickied until after the next meeting.

PDF Planning Meeting Minutes 6/13/09

Attendance: Dave, Bink, Joanna, Leah, Ron, Brandon, David, Jill, Thibeaux, Ben
Call-in: Smelly Melly, Armadillo, Andy, Maya

Post-Burn Reports:


Fire Team- Jill & Ron
-Wood supply was enough since it was hot out and we had a smaller stack, but more for Fall with lower temp? Good idea to keep stack small from now on.
-Fire Team needs more info on burning projects ahead of time
-Need to find definitively out how many pads vets are OK with at one time, one permanent pit w/ sand would be great
-No dumpster fires this time
-Theme camps were too close to burn pads

DPW- Ron
-Lots of volunteers to clean showers before and after, but were trashed at end of burn
-Lots of help w/ breakdown
-Problem with ArThou Village- was still set up and camp members were drunk/stoned past 12 noon, still there at 3 when Ron left. He told the vets they could deal with them however they wanted.
-Consider adding a 3rd dumpster next time
-Poorly distributed portapotties (the company made a mistake)
-Need to label vets dumpster do not use

Gate- Joanna
-(Also see gate post-burn thread on forum for additional info)
-Using front lot at night/back lot during day worked out
-Used up all parking, definitely can't increase cap w/out more parking
-Solar lights (the cheap garden ones, not the ones Warpcore built) were stolen/lost
-Ticket system worked well, Ben is fixing bugs
-Need alphabetical filing bin for liability waivers
-Need new radios- FRS radios (even the good ones we borrowed from Lizard) do not work when GOD/coordinator is on the other end of the event. Need to invest in MURS, wouldn't need many.
-Jill- can we get fans for gate? Joanna- yes, esp. now that we are running power
-Need a plan to deal with back gate now that it is being so heavily used, brainstorming.
-Jill- could we recruit a back gate theme camp to monitor it?
-Bink- mostly needs to be monitored/staffed at night, when people would try to sneak in
-Thinking about doing non-mandatory gate training/need to increase awareness that there is a guidebook online and in binder at gate
-Could we close (can't actually lock)/unman front gate at some point- Sunday/Monday night at midnight? Need to make sure this is OK with vets.
-One way exodus worked well, except need to remember to remind people parked in the back lot to exit to the road and come in through the front gate, to keep both roads one-way
-Board will discuss/meet with vets to figure out additional parking by Fall, if possible

Volunteer/Participation Station- Smelly Melly
-Seemed everyone showed up for their shifts and seemed plenty of people signed up at Part. Station for shifts.
-Ran out of DPW/MOOP laminates (recycled laminates from previous burns)
-Ran out of Part. Station laminates, but do not think was really an issue.
-Upon unpacking tote after at burn, approximately 50-ish extra gate laminates left over from past three burns, so am thinking decrease gate laminates some for fall and increase DPW/MOOP and Part. Station laminates.
-Lost & Found = crazy mess by monday, am working on coming up with some sort of "system" for fall. Did mail both cameras left at PEX back to owners.
-Volunteer Appreciation Party-SMASHING SUCCESS, the "Fino Vino" was quite enjoyed by all and no one seemed upset by the absence of beer
-Great big kudos to Mad Hatter and Smoke Kitty for the fabulous job with the rope lights at Part. Station.
-Overall, seemed everything ran well!
-Volunteers ROCK and are MAD SEXY
-Joanna- Shouldn't worry too much about non-valuable lost and found items, and just donate them if they're not claimed by the end of each event.
-Board can inventory stuff in the shed when meeting w/ vets before Fall

Ron- Had more fire and medical volunteers than usual, new people helping out


Art Grants- Andy
-Announcing Fall apps on Monday
-Went well, good input on improving process from Dr. Mercury
-Did have one project w/ technical/safety issues that did not come to full fruition, will complete in fall

Sound- Thibeaux
-Thibeaux will now be official sound coordinator
-times/shifts established were not ideal
-Asked 4 Djs to turn down, but they cooperated immediately
-No info about where to get sound meters on site, should be more info at Participation Station/have an orientation

Raising the ticket cap
-Board needs to meet w/ vets about parking- need concrete info, actually see land, make sure it will be suitable
Thibeaux- Could we let vets run the parking and charge extra for it, as incentive for them to provide/prepare more parking areas for us?
Ben- another step in the check in process
Joanna- Philosophically questionable. Also, vets already get a cut of ticket sales, so they do have incentive to help us raise the cap.

Jill- need more potties
Bink- problem was distribution, company didn't place them properly, but if we raise the cap we'd need more

Burn pads
-Need to talk to vets about whether or not we can build a permanent pad
-need more money for materials for safe pads
-Joanna- Definitely shouldn't skimp on budgets where safety is an issue
-Ron- The pads that are located on the road can be metal directly on the ground, blocks are not needed since there is no grass to protect

Jill- can we rent extra showers? Cost comparable to potties
Bink & Dave- luxury item, expensive
Ron- probably not enough water provided w/ rental showers for our use level
Ben- mount egg timers outside of existing shower stalls to encourage self-policing of use. If we start providing more showers, hard to take away later.
Dave- keep water cold to encourage people to be quick (Vets are doing this anyway? Not sure)

-Bink- Lots of complaints, in some cases they were misunderstandings, but not all. Need to encourage community to self police, and to report theft and comment on suspicious activity, leave valuables at home or in car
Jill- Concerned that the rangers don't want to deal with theft (and other issues like burn perimeter, sound)
Bink- Has seen responsibility creep on rangers at BM to the point where they are cops now, don't want to burn out good, committed rangers, hard to get enough
Maya- rangers credibility as mediators is lost if they also have to enforce rules. Sound patrol and perimeter people are welcome to attend ranger training to learn about mediation techniques, or can call in rangers if they are having a conflict.

Burn Perimeter
-Bink- will organize a separate group of volunteers in Fall, get lots of people so it can be a human perimeter, orange sashes
-This group can also help Patty manage the conclave (issues with monitoring who has shown up to the meeting or not)
-many rangers have volunteered to help with this not as rangers
-Jill- fire team will work w/ perimeter team

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