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PostPosted: Thu Oct 16, 2014 8:57 pm 

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Ok, everyone, afterburn report time.
Burning Art:

The good:
We had what was generally agreed to be an acceptably pony-like pony (I have not gotten any complaints about it being excessively abstract, confusingly pyramid-shaped, or otherwise un-pony-like), and it was a wonderful effort by first-time pony-builders who are already working on ideas for another pony for some future burn.
We had some excellent art and it burned.
No reports of burning-art-related injuries or property damage.

The bad:
Mud and wet firewood, but that's kind of a given at this point.
We ordered significantly more wood than we've ever ordered before (17 cords, 3 cords more than we've ever ordered before), and it was still completely gone by Saturday morning, including someone(s) taking some of the wood that the pony builders had piled under the pony.
There were a number of fires that were being aggressively fed, even during periods when there was apparently nobody actually hanging out by the fire.
There were a couple people unclear on the whole "do not burn on the ground" thing, including at least one camp (just off the corner of the last street on Baconne at the very back) who (I am told) told rangers doing a followup that "the fire guy said since it was going to need to be reseeded anyway, it was OK to leave the barrel on the ground".

The ugly:
Actually, a pretty ugly-free burn on the whole.

Gold stars to the rangers who have been keeping an eye out for ground fires and helpfully telling campers where to get concrete blocks.
Gold stars to Jill and Yeti, who rounded up the firewood necessary for the art burns.

The numbers:
We ended up attempting an emergency wood purchase on Saturday, but none of our vendors were reachable. One of the vets sold us about half a cord of wood for $100; this is why we have two "Wood" lines below.

17 cords of wood @ $192.30/cord: Budgeted $3269.10, Actual = $3269.10 (invoiced direct to PDF)
0.5 cords of wood: Budgeted $0, Actual = $100
Fuel: Budgeted $120, Actual: $45.55 (some artists provided their own fuel)
Fuel sprayer: Budgeted $35, Actual $14.97
Cotton rags: Budgeted $10, Actual $3.98

Budgeted total: $3434.10, Actual $3433.60

PostPosted: Sun Oct 19, 2014 12:22 pm 
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Sound Patrol Afterburn Report, Fall 2014

The good:

Zero neighbor complains or police visits!

Above average volunteer sign-ups and shows! The 10PM-2AM shift was covered by volunteers Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings.

A majority of DJs were highly compliant and helpful throughout the weekend. Props as always especially to Barrel of Fun and Audio-Feel-Ya. Camp Eat and Beat generally also had good levels after being given late approval due to their positioning as well, but unfortunately became involved in a situation described later. Tent City (an unapproved 24 hour sound camp) was allowed to play the entire weekend due to their positioning, speaker direction, and keeping their sound low enough as to not really even needing any monitoring.

The meh:

Although camps subs were off, it appears that some bass still “leaked” during the weekend. It seems that this was more prevalent from Audio-Feel-Ya, due to the nature of their camp and dance floor. It would probably be best to find placement for Audio-Feel-Ya a bit further away from the back gate.

The bad:

A need for more late night volunteers. The 2AM-6AM shift was noticeably devoid of volunteers. It is a difficult shift to get sign-ups for, and needed to be covered each night by Dove and me. A couple nights like this isn’t too bad, but an entire weekend does not work out well. Thanks to the rangers early Monday morning that allowed us to get some sleep before having to pack out and drive 7 hours home by keeping an ear out and agreeing to give us a call on the radio if anything came up.

Volunteer training. We attempted to keep volunteer training short and sweet (a brief talk about interacting with the DJs and a short technical side on how to use the dB meters and radios). One issue that I noticed on Saturday night was the explicit instruction that all camps have their Subwoofers checked and turned off was not followed (I personally made rounds even though there were volunteers working, and found most Subs were still on).
Saturday night: one camp was found to repeatedly have their subs turned back on, and sound levels that crept up over time. There were no negative outside results to this, but the need for constant monitoring should not be necessary and will reflect on future applications.

The ugly:

Late Saturday night I was informed there was a ‘complaint from the back’, that a neighbor had called, and that Pineapple was involved in a sound issue. Dove and I immediately set out to reduce overall sound levels and to attempt to discover what the root cause of the complaint was. After visiting 2 camps, we returned to the area around Barrel of Fun and Camp Eat and Beat to find both camps completely turned off, having been told to do so by an off-duty Ranger. An incident between Eat and Beat and a Vet was also being handled by a member of the BoD.

The sound complaint was confirmed to have come from the Back Gate, not from a neighbor, and as no other confirmation of a ‘sound turn-off’ order existed, all camps that shut down were allowed to turn back on, though a ‘turn-down’ was observed for the remainder of the evening.
While turning off was not a necessary step in the overall situation, a thank you to all camps involved in this for complying with the request from an individual to turn their sound off, and their patience while we got things back under control. Sound turn offs are a bummer for all involved; many people ended their burn night early after enjoying their time dancing once sound was completely cut.

One of the biggest issues surrounding this particular situation was the rumors and speculation, and the instance of someone not involved in sound management to get involved. This will need to be resolved in the future through clearer communication on duties of individuals and official procedures.

Late Sunday evening, one sound camps levels jumped enough to be noticed as unusually loud by the front gate. An individual drove a cart (rather fast) from the gate to the camp and instructed them to turn down immediately. I did not personally see the interaction between the individual and DJ as I was attempting to take their levels at that very moment. Dove was approaching the camp and heard the individual yell “TURN THAT DOWN! AND TURN THE BASS DOWN TOO!” Dove approached the individual and informed him that was were in the middle of taking sound levels and that we were on sound patrol and on channel 4. The individual informed Dove that he didn’t need any sound patrol or to call channel 4, that he had tools to just cut the power to their sound.

This presents two issues: First, had the subwoofers been engaged at that time, the camp would have been instructed to turn off for the night, but given the intervention on the individuals part, I could not be sure of the entire situation and couldn’t ascertain whether or not they had broken that rule.

Second, the Sound Patrol has gone out of our way to build relationships with DJs over the past 4 burns and despite minor incidents with Vets, there have been no offsite complaints or issues. I believe this is because of the solid relationship of mutual respect that has been built, anyone storming into camps yelling at participants undermines that relationship.

For the future:
1) I will formally request a private forum on the PONY to record individual camps adherence to the policy for future reference to aid in sound applications.

2) I will simplify the Sound Patrol ‘Cheat Sheet’ I have given to volunteers. Currently it has the complete Sound Levels table, which can be simplified to a few more easily read lines.

3) Volunteers will need to undergo a more thorough training as opposed to a quick “run down” of what they need to do. Also, I will be requesting an additional sound meter so that teams can split up to cover more ground.

4) There is now a handful of interested individuals who wish to help in revamping the Sound Policy. I will be attempting to gather their input before Winter such that there will be ample time for discussion prior to any formal PC proposal.

5) As part of the sound policy rewrite, a CLEAR chain of command needs to be established and followed. Vets or others taking matters into their own hands obviously created the largest issue with sound this burn, and the incidents could have easily been avoided if the proper steps were taken to handle sound. In a nut shell: If sound is the job of the sound patrol, let us do our job :)

6) Sound would like to request the use of one of the golf carts after midnight. We do not need our own cart - perhaps we can share with parking or ticketing or greeting - and frankly prefer not to use them, but a) if there is a sound issue in the far back, we need to be able to get their quickly, and b) after three nights patrolling on foot for at least 6-8 hours each shift, we’re tired. The cart would be used primarily for regular monitoring of the back field and trips between the front and back gates to ensure sound cannot be heard outside of the grounds.

The numbers:
2 Puxing Radios - Budgeted: $140 Actual: Currently unknown cost (ordered and to be reimbursed to Lizard)
Earpieces and Remote Speaker - Budgeted: $20 Actual: $19.45

For next budget:
6 9-volt batteries (for dB meters, 2 to reimburse Andy Wing who provided batteries for our sound meters this burn!)
18 rechargeable AA batteries (for Dakota radios acquired from Mark Nyon)
1 dB meter

edit: corrected an error incorrectly identifying an individuals affiliation.


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PostPosted: Thu Oct 23, 2014 12:05 pm 

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Theme Camps/Placement Reports

-Online registration for Theme Camp placement and Art placement continues to work well!
-Placement for Art (and Art Grants) needs to be more publicized.
-If a Theme Camp caused any problems (moop, burn scars, sound, parking...) please let me know, so I can discuss with the Theme Camp Leader and so I know which Theme Camps are on the naughty list.
-Reminder... the number of Loud Sound camps need to remain limited to 3 to allow for quieter camps to have a place. (aka: "no camp wants to be placed next to a Loud Sound camp)
-Reminder... Sound is an internal issue, not just an external neighbor issue.

No concerns this event, all good!

Theme Camp Coordinator

PostPosted: Thu Oct 23, 2014 2:22 pm 

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Straw Experiment-

We purchased 50 bales of straw from B and B farms nearby. They were delivered as promised at 5 p.m. Wednesday, and the vendor even stacked them up for us behind the barn.

The straw was only somewhat effective against mud and puddles. Heidi pointed out that we, DPW, put the straw out in the road puddles too early....and we should've waited for the sun to dry out some of the water.

On the other hand, it did work really well in front of the porta pots and at some of theme camps at absorbing mud and giving people a better footing.

I'd like to propose that we get 75 bales in the spring, put them down in the evening, after the sun gets a chance to do its thing. I'd also like to propose that we invest in something like this, to help drain out puddles:

http://www.globalindustrial.com/p/mater ... lsrc=aw.ds


http://www.amazon.com/Seasense-Hand-Bil ... B004XACSNK

In addition, I'd like to let theme camps know that they can order straw with us, so let's say the org buys 75 bales and Barrel of Fun wants 3 of them, we'd order 78. What I can't figure out yet is how to organize the orders and deal with the $$$. Thoughts?

PostPosted: Thu Oct 23, 2014 3:33 pm 

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Golf Cart stuff-

Again., we had a mud burn and again, the roads got closed off to cars. That meant putting my golf cart to work hauling a lot of people and a lot of stuff to the back parking lot.

I don't mind helping, but the level of assistance I had to give on Sunday was ridiculous. I think I started at about 11 or 11:30 in the morning and kept going till 7 p.m. People were begging for help, some were even crying. I didn't even get a chance to stop and eat. (The Furries kept me going with one huge and incredible cookie) I finally went to my tent, grabbed a sandwich and ran back out to do perimeter.

In my opinion, the golf cart policy needs to be revised. We've grown so much people have no choice but to camp in the backfield. We require radical self reliance, so people have to haul in everything they need for 3-4 days. That's a lot of stuff.

I think every golf cart needs to be put into service shuttling people and goods when we have to close the roads towards the end of the event, with the exception of the MASH camp cart. That means ticketing, volunteers, parking and rangers.


PostPosted: Fri Nov 07, 2014 4:11 pm 

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Afterburn Report- Fall 2014- MOOP Dept.

The Good:
The pavilion was astoundingly low MOOP mid-event for a mud burn.
Public areas and walkways were generally low MOOP. (I still think the mud eats it.)

The Bad:
The port-a-potties had accumulated high levels of MOOP overnight into Saturday, Sunday, and Monday mornings.
Extensive collection of towels & toiletries outside men’s/women’s showers at pack-out on Monday.
MOOP bags got gross from all the muddy MOOP picked up by volunteers.
I saw complaints from some theme camps post-burn about high MOOP levels Saturday and Sunday mornings.

For next time:
The green MOOP bags have been washed and are getting labels and some sort of stand for spring (so they are easier for off-shift MOOP-sweepers to locate at PartStat)
Restocking disposable gloves, hand sanitizer and disposable garbage bags

Idea: Since most MOOP sweeps seem to happen off-shift anyways, what would people think of making MOOP a volunteer position without time slots to sign up for? Between weather, events, aversion to clocks and various other things, there is no one good time to get everyone to run MOOP sweeps. Of the lot of people signed up for Sunday “9AM” MOOP sweeps (including a whole camp), only one person came to Participation Station between 8:30 and 9:30 Sunday morning to pick up a MOOP bag. Taking MOOP out of the active sign-up schedule could potentially divert volunteers to fill other, more time-sensitive volunteer positions. We could leave it listed as a DIY-volunteer shift, just remove the sign-up option for Saturday and Sunday, and keep the MOOP bags available at Participation Station all weekend (like they are now.)’(Exodus should still be active sign-up for Monday, of course.)’(This is just brainstorming; please let me know what y’all think.)

This burn's budget: $0


PostPosted: Sat Nov 15, 2014 8:49 pm 
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Ticketing/Front Gate

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Overall the front and back gate ran smoothly for Fall PDF 2014.

The Good

~The new structure with the awning extension is a big improvement for the event, especially
during unfavorable weather conditions.

~The back gate also received an awning extension which was an improvement and helped
during unfavorable weather conditions.

~The front gate’s old structure was repurposed and used in deep parking for volunteers
stationed out in the deep parking area, which helped during unfavorable weather conditions.

~We were able to have the ticketing/front gate structure set up on Weds afternoon, due to
great DPW volunteers.

~The breakdown was rainy and cold, the awesome DPW volunteers were a big help with
breaking down the front gate.

~The lunch provided on Thursday for the volunteers was awesome and convenient.

~All the volunteers such as (God’s, shift leads, flaggers, waiver filer, computer scanner)
showed up worked hard, had fun and did an awesome job, it could not have happened
without community members helping a few hours out of our burn to make it happen.

~Overall volunteerism was okay, we still have no shows, hopefully volunteerism will increase
for Spring PDF.

~The volunteer coordinator dropped off pizza on Friday night which boosted on the spot
volunteering at Ticketing.

~The Volunteer Coordinators were awesome as finding on the spot
volunteers for no show volunteer shifts.

~The volunteers loved the hot coffee, hot cocoa and snacks at the front and back gates. Also
community members who donated gifts up at the front and back gate, the volunteers really
appreciated the gifts you left for them.

~The volunteer log book was very helpful for the front and back gate volunteers and for
volunteer tracking of volunteer no shows.

~All the signage in the front gate area was helpful for temporary parking area, handicap area.

~The MOOP signage around PDF was helpful.

~The child waiver file system worked out well.

~The wristband guide for PDF camps, PDF departments and the Vets, helped with identifying
all the wristbands for the event’s participants.

~We had 12 camps request for a copy of the wristband guide.

~ We gave the Vets several copies of the wristband guide as well.

~The wristband dispenser lockbox was successful, just needs a little tweaking, for Spring.

~ The plastic folders for the waivers was successful, and helped protect the waivers from
damp/rainy weather conditions.

~ Waiver pick up went well.

~The Theme Camp Leader list provided by Heidi, was useful to have on hand, for just in case
we needed to speak to a Theme Camp Leader.

~The Vets were awesome this burn, no problems during the closed gate times.

~ On Monday morning the Vets were helping the participants pull their cars out of the mud.

~No sound complaints from the neighbors reported to the front gate area.

~The mailbox/postal area was successful.

The Bad

~Some community members showed up during early entry who were not listed on the early
entry list with a department coordinator were turned away at the front gate.

~Ticketing was the only department to have extra gas in its budget for the golf carts,
someone used the ticketing gas that was stored in the shed.

~The weather started out great, then PDF became mudfest, which lead to carry in only for

~Volunteerism on Sunday was very low, probably due to the poor weather conditions.

~Breaking down Ticketing in the rainy weather.

~Ticketing area flooding a little bit on Friday, and the straw helped dry out the area.

The Ugly
Nothing really ugly happened :D

*~Fun Facts for Fall PDF 2014~*
~Tickets sold 1358
~Tickets used 1257
~Tickets unused 101

*~Suggestions/Improvements for future PDF’s~*

*Better lighting in the back gate area.

*Replacing the lighting in the back gate tent, the light sockets are not working.

*Purchasing new/extra lighting for the front and back gate area.

*More help wanted signs for volunteer departments.

*Burn barrels for specific PDF departments.

*Coordinator roster with email and phone numbers, and shared with
all department coordinators.

*Instant miso soup for volunteers working during cold and rainy shifts.

*Tweaking the wristband dispenser lockbox for future PDF’s.

*Light up foam wands to be given to volunteers for nighttime shifts.

*Early entry should be better defined for what is considered essential volunteers for set up,
for Department Coordinators.

*Themed costumed shifts.

*More stakes and flags for mapping out parking.

*Ticketing computer updated, so we may enter wristband type when the ticket is scanned
into the computer.

*Volunteer lunch on Thursday to possibly become a standard for volunteers volunteering
on Thursday.

All in all the Front Gate/Ticketing ran swimmingly for Fall PDF 2014.
Thank you everyone who helped make PDF happen for Fall 2014 :D

~Ticketing/Gate Coordinator~
~Burning since 2006~

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