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PostPosted: Mon Jun 02, 2014 7:16 pm 

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Hey, everyone... post-burn report time. I'll kick it off.

Aside from rain on Thursday, it was a pretty good burn for burning stuff, and we burned stuff. :)

The Good:
We started using a new fuel blend for lighting art; it seemed to work well, and it's about a third the price of tiki.
We tried using a sprayer for applying fuel (instead of the old "splash wildly"), and, while the little hand-held one we were using was a bit slow (and probably not good for use in enclosed spaces), it worked pretty well (I may be budgeting for a larger, tank-and-wand one in the fall.)
Everything burned well when started
No reported injuries or property damage
The power of magnets seems to prevent dumpster fires. More seriously, we haven't had dumpster fires since I started putting up the big yellow "no ash in dumpster" signs, and it may be coincidence (the last few burns have probably been too wet to burn), but it's also nobody climbing into a flaming dumpster on Monday afternoon, so we'll keep doing it and hope for the best.
Both Devin and I are covetously eyeing the weed burner used for starting some of Sunday's burns. One may be putting in an appearance at some future PDF.
Our new wood supplier seemed to work well. Kudos to Jill and the Deleware contingent for doing the searching and scouting.

The Bad:
Several artists (both art-grant and non-grant) seemed to have missed the do-not-burn list (with resulting unhappiness about the "well, that bit doesn't burn, and that bit doesn't burn, and that bit..."). I will be doing more outreach early in the cycle (hopefully right after art grants get announced) to try and prevent this in the future.
We need to include more "plan b" ignition plans, even if it's just a supply of sticks with rags or flares or..., and we need to set them up before burn time. I'll take ownership on not checking with the Saturday night folks well in advance for ignition details (and getting caught flat-footed when the, admittedly clever, plan didn't work out.)
We had a lot of fly ash, including stuff blowing into the front field (I suspect there were some unhappy campers, but nobody has complained to me as of yet)

The Ugly: Dang kids (luckily, the extingishers they decided to use as supersoakers were the pressurized water ones, not the chemical ones - had Lizard not been able to refill on site, we might not have been burning Sunday night). I'm sure Martie will make sure volunteers know to put names of owners are on collars (or parents on wristbands, or whatever) going forward, so I'm assuming this is effectively resolved. (N.b. I am not positive it was the feral children a number of other camps were reporting problems with, but even the really sparkly ponies usually leave the extinguishers alone.)

Gold Star to RumRunner for cleaning up after the mailbox.

I need to check with lamplighters on how the new fuel in lamps worked out (it should burn a bit brighter and cleaner than the tiki, and unlike tiki, it is not a "summer seasonal" item that starts getting hard to find in early October)... Didn't hear any complaints

Fuel use: I did not do a fuel inventory on the way out. The jug for lamps was pretty well kicked, one of the blend jugs (the yellow one?) was pretty low, there's some left in another jug (blue) but it's getting old (progressively more diesel-like). A bunch of the fuel burned this round was unbudgeted leftovers from Fall, so the "actuals" for fuel on the fuel budget line should not be used for projecting future fuel cost.

Wood: Budgeted 12 cords at $185/per, got 12 cords at ~$166/cord; $2,220 budgeted, $2000 spent (org directly invoiced)
McLeod Tool: Budgeted $55, spent $44.18
Fuel: Budgeted $120, spent $14.05 (and I believe Devin has receipts for about $40 of tiki)

Devin has receipts, and probably other notes, so there's another part to the burning art report.

PostPosted: Tue Jun 03, 2014 4:55 pm 
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wow - I've never been called "clever" before.....

Bad : The Lost and Found

WHY was the Lost and Found removed before 10am and offsite? WHY was Martie/Fritz/Yeti/EyeCandy/Snuggles/ or myself not told what was going on with this?

We are now a week out and people are still looking for cell phones on Facebook?

In the fall - the status of the Lost and Found needs to be communicated better to the people that get asked the most about it - and it needs to be available till the end of the event (Monday Noon)

PDF BoD Member
quare hoc dicere?

PostPosted: Thu Jun 19, 2014 3:33 pm 
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Afterburn Report for Purchasing

Water was delivered on time. No problems with equipment other than I forgot to deliver some of the water until Friday.
We used most of the 10 bottles we ordered this burn (half of 1 bottle and about 25% of the other was left)

Carts were on "Second delivery" and didn't arrive until a lot later than normal. I'm going to see about having the carts delivered Wednesday evening in the fall or at least make sure we are first delivery.
One of the carts delivered was super slow. Reported to EzLift
One of the carts delivered was without a windshield. Reported to EzLift
Coordinator Gas... Only ONE coordinator got gas like they were supposed to this year (good job MASH). Luckily they had enough for just about everyone else. I will make sure to put out some sort of reminder next fall prior to the event to remind people they have to gas their vehicles before returning them to me.
I had one person with a cart leave without returning the keys to me, cleaning or gassing it. Carts need to be returned to me (or the purchasing coordinator) to check and turn in the keys before leaving the site. Will send out a reminder in the fall.
Jill had multiple issues with her cart and it seemed ezlift was not great to deal with in her case. I personally have not had any issues with them, but it should be noted.
This year we had to have 2 deliveries of carts. It should be discussed if the extra cart is necessary, and/or if we can reduce the carts to 4 seaters to get them all in one shot and save the second 200.00 delivery fee.

- Web Team -

PostPosted: Thu Jun 19, 2014 5:19 pm 

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MOOP AfterBurn Report:

- MOOP was generally low
- new canvas MOOP bags w/ gloves and hand sanitizer worked well
- good volunteer turn out for Saturday & Sunday morning shifts

- heard post-burn reports of high MOOP levels in showers
- lost & found MIA from Participation station mid-morning on Monday, lost items not relocated to Pavilion for reunion w/ losers

Next Time:
- some volunteers were looking for MOOP-specific volunteer laminates- I would like to talk to whoever does laminates about designing these.
- volunteer suggestion: pokey poles for spearing trash

N/A (canvas bags & supplies from Fall 2013 MOOP budget)

MOOP Coordinator

PostPosted: Fri Jun 20, 2014 1:20 am 

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The Good:
- We had a few volunteers this burn who look like good candidates to help as shift leads in future burns.
- Rangers, MASH, and Sanctuary worked very well together on some more complicated calls.

The Bad:
- We had a major lack of volunteers for the red eye shifts (12a - 3a & 3a - 6a) and a lack of returning Sanctuary volunteers who could fill shift lead positions, leading to 10-12hr shifts for the coordinators.

The Ugly:
- High volume of participants needing our services, and multiple difficult/complex calls
- Problems with 'frequent flier' participants


PostPosted: Fri Jun 20, 2014 6:19 am 
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Overall ticketing/gate ran smoothly due to awesome, hardworking volunteers, shift leads and G.O.D.s

Good, Bad, Ugly, you decide…

When the event was officially open, a thunderstorm came rumbling through and left a beautiful rainbow. Unfortunately, participants were rained on while filling out waivers at check in. The rain also caused the large temporary parking front lot to be closed and moved the temporary parking lot, by the Check In tent lot. The temporary parking lot by the Check In area is very limited and no overnight parking is allowed unless prior authorization is acquired for special needs for participants. When the rain cause carry in only, lots of participants became theme camp infrastructure to drive their gear on site.

Sometime during the day on Friday and Saturday we ran out of waivers, the Vets helped us out by printing more waivers for the event. The waivers are delivered to me on site, so I do not print out the waivers for the event. A couple of things that could have happened to the waivers. Such as participants taking an extra copy of the waiver, the waivers on clipboards getting wet from the rain, or just not enough waivers printed for the event. This is the first time the event has ran out of waivers.

"Was the Buzz killers working Sat night? 2:30 AM at the front gate, we had to go in and shut down the BASS at Barrel of Fun (?). They should have known better to keep it low. Theme camps, do they constantly need to be reminded?"

The front and back gate was watched by the Vets again for this burn. The front and back gate is closed at 2:00 AM on Thursday and Friday, no exceptions. The front and back gate had participants trying gain entry to the event even though, the gates were officially closed. We explained to the Vets watching the Gates to turn anyone away and to give the participant the Plan B card/Pony card, who trying to gain entry to the event. The Vets watching the Gate decided to give some of the participants a Vets wristband or no wristband at all, and allowed entry into the event without the proper check in. The Vets were undermining event policy for ticketing/check in, and waivers signed. The policy for no new entries after the gate is closed is not a new policy, this has been standard for the last three years. Participants are made aware of ticketing hours for new arrivals, ticketing hours are posted, on FB page, Playa Del Fuego website and the printed ticket. Sent an email to BOD about this topic.

The Front and Back Gate did have volunteer no shows during peak check in time on Friday and Saturday. Just Lea was awesome for on the spot volunteer recruits for the front and back gate. The little lamps at the entrance area were successful, and none were stolen. Saturday and Sunday morning bacon for volunteers for the front and back gate was successful. Volunteers love the snacks, coffee, hot cocoa, cold water and hot water. The 10 principal plaques were hung in the Greeters/Parking tent adding more awareness of the 10 principals.

"Work weekend PDF Shelves – someone stole one sheet of plywood shelves before it was installed. I should have gotten Barrel of fun to donate a piece Sunday before they burned it all up. Next burn, I'll do that. The shelves, some need to be dedicated to certain departments so they know there totes will fix their assigned spaces and stuff everything else in the open holes. The new side is a 16 inch maximum but the other side has higher shelf space. I left the top of the new shelves the same for the lamp light poles but Rangers beat them to the space with their cabinet where their lamp poles hang down for space. So they took up valuable shelf space to fit them in. Also I'll build dividers for the wooden parking stakes so they take up 2/3 less space next burn. Then we need to clear out all the TRASH from around the shed to store the good blocks, plastic fencing and anything else that’s weather proof. Maybe even build an outdoor rack to hold PVC piping and misc crap. The sheds going to need new doors SOON." BB

Suggestions For Future PDF Burns

~Starting in the Fall at the front and back gate, we will have a shift roster for volunteers which is to keep track of no shows volunteers and volunteers who show up for shifts.
~Bigger structure with awning.
~Signs designating temporary parking area for participants.
~More storage totes, mallet, shelving unit, combo cash lockbox for wristbands, traffic flags.
~Wristbands Guide to include Vets and PDF wristbands type and distribute copies to theme camps serving alcohol.
~More communication to shift leads
~Community involvement and reporting of non wristband participants
~Costume Theme Volunteer shifts at the Front and Back Gate
~Souvenir Tickets for participants to receive at Check In
~Temporary parking passes for pre registered Theme Camp, vehicles bringing infrastructure
for Theme Camp

Thanks for awesome Spring burn!

Smartie Martie
The Ticketing/Gate Team

~Ticketing/Gate Coordinator~
~Burning since 2006~

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Short, sweet, to the point.

Fire Perimeter After Burn Report Spring 2014

- People that didn’t sign up but saw a place where more perimeter people were needed just jumped in and did it.

- People are becoming very comfortable with what the Perimeter team looks like (yay vests!), so for Fall I will budget for some more so I have them on hand when community members jump in to help.


- Not all perimeter people are as attentive as they should be, and some a bit more aggressive than is needed.

- The high traffic area on the road near the stage. When there is an art piece place on the road over there, there is little to no room to make an adequate perimeter between it and the stage. Will work with Fire Team to consider other placement options for that area for art burns, and also brainstorm for other effective perimeter control methods.


- Holding a scheduled Perimeter training/meeting like they do for Rangers and Conclave. Snuggles has agreed to work with me on this.

- More vests! Which will be labeled Fire Perimeter with instructions to take them after the burn to a specific drop point TBD after the line is dropped. Will be budgeted for fall.

- Addressing the high traffic point near the stage as mentioned above.

Regional Contact - Susquehanna Valley (PA)
Perimeter Coordinator
Camp Fogie


PostPosted: Fri Jun 20, 2014 3:41 pm 

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Ranger After-Burn Report, Spring 14

The Good
Golf Cart (except the forgetting to bring gas part – sorry, Hatter!) The Coordinators made use of the cart for set up and tear down, and during the event, the Coordinators-on-Comm regularly made rounds to the back field, and were able to respond to calls quickly, using the cart.

Ranger Training on Friday evening had 55 total participants, including 27 brand new Rangers.

We had one successful gate closure, for an ambulance, all went smoothly.

The Bad/Ugly
Cars stuck in mud – every burn, we get Ranger calls for this. We reach out to the Parking team, and if we can, try and find other participants to help the stuck party.

Lost and Found – the Ranger box is *not* a place to be used for Lost and Found. I suggest Part Station budget for a locked box to keep cameras/phones/etc.

Ranger base radio is in bad shape, will need to budget for a new one for the Fall. We’ve had the same one for as long as I’ve been Rangering I think, so it sounds reasonable that we’d need a new one by now.

Several Rangers dealt with an on-going DJ issue at a theme camp throughout the event, and the appropriate parties are all aware of and handling it.

After the burn, we heard of a couple of troubling incidences of inappropriate behavior and/or touching, and people feeling uncomfortable. We reached out to get as much detail as possible, and to lend support. It seems this is a combination of people not knowing that a Ranger could help them in this situation, and participants not recognizing the situation as inappropriate at the time it happened. There is also concern that there should be more locations to call for a Ranger if needed. We must do a better job of empowering and educating the community on what their rights are, and how a Ranger can help them. We also have talked about a lot of ideas for ways to increase the community’s immediate access to a Ranger. We plan to continue to brainstorm, and the Ranger Coordination Team will discuss next steps over the summer.

We were way under on budget this year – partly because we didn’t need much, and partly because I wasn’t there in the Fall to do a proper inventory and know exactly what we needed.
We budgeted $100 for printing of the manuals, and we did order 50, however, I don’t know what the final costs ended up being since it wasn’t ordered or billed thru me. Maybe this is something that gets moved from our budget to the printing budget, like the laminates??
We budgeted $50 for water, ice, snacks, and spent about $35.
No “office supplies” were purchased, but we do need to refill our supply of these items, so they will be purchased in the Fall.

Respectfully submitted,
dinah foot, Off-Site Coordinator

former coordinator :)

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Department of Public Works - After Burn Report


Early Arrival - (Wednesday 12pm/Thursday 5pm) - Early Arrival

- Most early arrival volunteers arrived to schedule and completed necessary tasks for their respective departments and for DPW and general event setup

- Front Gate and Ticketing shade structures erected/secured, materiel set up/out

- Back Gate Greeting and Parking shade structures erected/secured, materiel set up/out

- Participation Station Ranger Station combined shade structure erected/secured, materiel set up/out

- property "de-mooped"/ground cleaned

- showers front and back cleaned and power washed

- pavilion cleaned and power washed

- porta-poties delivered

- wood delivered

- new shelves assembled in shed(after the early arrival proper but I note it here)

- shed cleaned and organised

- Street Sign Dept set up their Street Signs art-project

- Lamplighters Dept set up the Lamp lights

- some tasks were of an interdepartmental nature(personnel allocated as needed)

All tasks were completed safely in a well functioning cooperative manner by all concerned.

PDF - (Thursday 5pm through Monday 12pm) - PDF

- Structures inspected and maintained and secured when necessary for front and back gate, parking and participation station/ ranger station.
Basically it was tightening down straps,refitting covers etc when necessary.
Trash bag removal etc when requested

- shed inside maintained. basically some cleaning, rearranging etc.

- in area's of significant road deformity (along the back field water pump, back gate prota-potties and a few other places) "holes"were filled in. Materiel was mostly from an available on property pile of debris composed of soil, gravel, straw and stones of varying sizes. Material was used effectively.

- back field water pump secured with lock from shed, to prevent misuse or mooping of water

- water hose multiple outflow attachment replaced with single outflow attachment(old one was broken)

- walkway area in front of the back/barn) showers filled in and covered with wood to make a safer "walkway". This area had become muddy and posed somewhat of a walking hazard

- in cooperation with non strictly speaking DPW volunteers the MOOP were found was collected and more appropriately disposed

- some assistance was rendered to participants in the form of tent erection, camp setup, carry in/carry out, referrals and/or help for getting vehicles "jumped" and other technical issues(generators, who can fix them etc) and questions

- assistance was given/ received from other departments when requested.
It was given when they needed more personnel, received when we needed more personnel.
Some of these tasks already were mentioned.
Other tasks helping transport from the shed to the given departments area, helping to set up the other department structure, equipment and materiel, loading stuff from shed onto given departments transport.

All tasks were completed safely in a well functioning cooperative manner by all concerned.

(Monday 12pm through to Last Burner's Off)

- DPW , EXODUS and MOOP PATROL promoted safe and timely departure of and assistance to departure averse participants.

- MASH and SANCTUARY took down their area and transported it to and placed it in the shed.

RANGERS, SANCTUARY,GATE and TICKETING, GREETERS, PARKING to a good degree took down most of their own equipment, leaving only really the heavy stuff for DPW to transport

- STREET SIGNS and LAMPLIGHtERS disassembled the signs and lamp lights/posts, and moved them to the shed

- Combined RANGER STATION and PARTICIPATION STATION shade structure disassembled and moved to storage

All tasks were completed safely in a well functioning cooperative manner by all concerned.



- A written Logistics and Operations manual/procedure/document, available to itself the departments and participants at large, will improve communications within DPW , between DPW and other departments and with participants at large. It will also help set a foundation for further development of process and method etc.

- RADIO COMMUNICATIONS within and with DPW need to be improved.

Many DPW and PDF tasks throughout the PDF are emergent.

Radios for DPW will improve communications with DPW and the performance and response time of DPW volunteers.

(The coordinator has a radio, providing volunteers with radios will tie in the Department as a whole. Some of DPW used FRS radios to communicate with the coordinator who carried an FRS radio of his own in addition to event radio. The DPW coordinator "switchboarded" calls between DPW and other. The coordinator carried at least 1 additional FRS radio for times when splitting a working group was necessary. The FRS worked fairly but not well enough)

DPW will be requesting in the DPWs budget proposal a reasonable allotment of/for radios.
(specifics will be suggested in the DPW budget)

- SHED improvement were made by the installation of shelves. The next time we will store items on them in a fashion more in line with their design. As it was it was okay but we will make it better

Let's consider increasing our on site storage capacity.

We might accomplish this by replacing the existing shed with a safer, larger more spacious shed.
This would enable us to more safely and securely store and manipulate our infrastructure, equipment and materiel and to better protect it from the elements.

It may be possible to accomplish this prior to next burn(there are core or die-hard DPW volunteers that have expressed a commitment to facilitating a new shed.

DPW "camp" or Dept Area

A less urgent but none the less good idea proposed by some is to have a place other than just only the shed designated as a DPW "camp" or Dept Area(sort of like most all the other Depts have shade structure areas. It would represent a non radio-dependent way to get ahold of a DPW volunteer and a place for DPW volunteers and "types" to congregate.
This burn there were at least three "defacto" DPW stations. One in the furthest most corner of the front, one very close by the former(the big white rectangular/cube) structure and one far back field station.

This area would not have to be funded by the event.
It could just be a designated mapped or on the map area.

It would increase the visibility and availability(and opportunity for fun work and volunteering)

Other notes:

Names have not been mentioned pending approval of entering them into the record.

Costs for this burn were mainly shelves(wood, screws etc) and shower repair expenses(shower heads, curtains etc), but some others too, are also pending confirmation of receipts and amounts. Some were provided but not all.
All expenses by DPW within the budget are guaranteed to be reimbursed. If through some lack of oversight by the coordinator the formerly mentioned processes is not completed, the coordinator personally guarantees these expenditure.

Further notes:

Speaking for myself I am very please with all of the cooperation and good will of all manner of participants, planners, volunteers, coordinators, board and so on.


Andrzej P. Bejnar

Andrzej Piotr Pawel Bejnar Sasquatch Shitboxer Yeti Swamp-Monkey
DPW- Coordinator
Rangers- Dirt Ranger

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Afterburn Report - Back Gate / Greeters
Sorry for the delay in getting this up.


What Worked -

- New assistant coordinator, Nathan (aka 5 Liter), made a huge difference. Between the two of us, backgate had 100% coverage for the duration of the event. Something that hasn't happened since I started as Greeter Coordinator, as staying up late is not at all my strong suit. We helped set up back gate on Thursday and Nathan watched back gate from when I went to bed around midnight until the Vets took over at 2am. Friday morning I took the morning shift and Nathan came on in the afternoon and worked the closing shift. Saturday and Sunday we tag teamed the gate as needed. Sunday night, we broke down back gate except for those things being left for the Vets watching the gate that night - i.e. the shade structure, 1 table, 2 chairs, the water cooler, the greeters drink cooler, the base station radio and whatever snacks were left over. Long term, it would be worth formalizing what the Vets require to watch the gate on Sunday night.

- Aside from the first shifts on Thursday (weather related) and parts of Sunday (true of every Sunday for a few years now), volunteer coverage was outstanding. I don't recall having to radio participation station or the volunteer coordinator for Greeter coverage at all during the event. Did radio a few times for Parking help, but rarely needed it as there were frequently Greeters to spare to cover shortages and Chef Phil and Toohey were pretty on top of any shortages as well.

What Didn't Work -

- The lack of light by back gate makes it challenging to see the wristbands of people going to and from their cars late at night. Something like the light tower that was set up at the far back of parking placed closer to the back gate shade structure would make things much easier. Not sure how practical that is, but something to that effect would help.

- Significant problems with people not listening to instruction from greeting and parking volunteers about where cars could and could not go when entering the event. File this under "sometimes people suck'. Additional parking cones or saw horses might help obstruct places people shouldn't be driving.

- Back gate shade structure was missing part of it's directions. Joint pieces have been labeled with marker to hopefully make assembly easier next time. Shade structure had a roof and back wall, but was missing the walls that went on the narrow sides of the structure. Still works fine, should offer plenty of protection against anything but the most sideways rain.

- From last PDF, the polls for the backgate shade structure were being stored in a trash can. That trash can was nowhere to be found as of mid-morning on Monday. During set up, someone mentioned that it might make sense to get some kind of large sturdy bag to store the polls for the future

- Shade in the backfield is in fairly short supply. It was suggested to Chef Phil that it might be safer for the parking volunteers if there were a second shade structure set up deep in the parking lot with some water, sunscreen and umbrellas for particularly hot mid-days like we had Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Not crucial, but it's a long walk from deep in the parking lot to the current shade structure and I think sometimes the volunteers may talk themselves out of making the walk to get water or sunscreen because of the distance. Also, the way the existing shade structure is positioned, there is a long section of the day when the angle of the afternoon sun is enough to eliminate all of the shade under the structure. This was remedied by the volunteers moving chairs to the other side of the road where the trees there offered some shade. That was more than adequate, but a more formal solution might have some merit and be worth pursuing in the future.

- There was some confusion about what parts of back gate setup and tear down should or should not be left for DPW. If none, that's totally fine. Just wasn't entirely sure who was responsible for setting up or tearing down what.

Budget Summary-

Greeters needs continue to be handled as part of the Gate budget and that seems to be working fine.

The Future -

- This was probably as ideal conditions as we've had for greeting in the last two years, but I was still a little underwhelmed by the amount of newbie education that was able to be accomplished at back gate. Part of the issue is the challenge of holding the attention of someone focused on hauling in their gear. I still would like to continue to grow the amount of education opportunities happening at the gate, but I suspect that there might be quite a lot to be gained by organizing with all of the camps that have started doing newbie orientation events inside the event where everything can be covered more deeply. Principles can still be covered in earnest at back gate, but it might also be worth having signage posted right inside the backgate shade structure showing the times and locations where the in depth presentations are happening as well.

- I reached out to April (AKA Princess Giggles) from Crash Pad about the potential of coming on in a coordinator capacity for Fall PDF. (Update: Since first writing this i was made aware of similar but slightly different plan for April) I'm getting married this year and may very possibly have a kid by the time next spring PDF rolls around. My plan is still to be available Wednesdays to Mondays for foreseeable future burns, but that may become a thing harder for me to firmly commit to. If three coordinators is deemed to be too many for backgate/greeting, I'm fine working towards taking a step back to turn the department over to Nathan and someone like an April while shifting some of my attention to maybe helping Martie with Front Gate/Ticketing or working GOD shifts or whatever else the event might need. What I've found is that back gate can function, though poorly, with only one coordinator. Two has proved to be ideal. Three may be an inefficient use of human capital, but would provide insurance in case any of the other coordinators were unable to make it, and offers the potential to grow and add responsibilities to greeting and back gate that aren't currently being pursued or thought of due to manpower. I leave the ultimate decision to whomever among the PC or BOD makes that call, but I do feel strongly that April would be strong addition to PDF's coordinator team in some department or capacity.

- I've had conversations with a few coordinators, BOD members and other people I met at the Global Leadership Conference about revisiting the idea of something like an overall event coordinator(s) or the CBT that was being kicked around after last Fall PDF. There are always going to be a handful of instances during the event where issues arise where there is no obvious department to contact or GOD isn't sure how to handle the matter. Most notably this came up with resolving the waiver issue that came up during the event which, tied up two coordinators, two board members, GOD and 3 vets for about 25 minutes. The problem got worked out fairly quickly all things considered thanks to everyone's quick response. Things just seemed to get bogged down some because there wasn't any one person who could take point on how to proceed on a problem that involved this weird intersection of a department that was shorted supplies by their vendor, BOD approval and GOD entering the vets clubhouse to make copies. Personally I would find this helpful for resolving questions that I have during and leading up to the event as well that aren't always best handled by throwing them onto the coordinators e-mail list. I do like the degree of autonomy that I've had as a coordintor, but would not necessarily be opposed to having a little bit more structure for crisis management.

~ Damian

PostPosted: Mon Jun 23, 2014 8:08 pm 
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Sound Patrol Afterburn

The Good:
Zero noise complaint calls to police by neighbors means the primary objective was a success.

Most people kept in levels without much intervention on our part, and most people who did read over were good at turning down and NOT creeping slowly back up over time.

Having some great volunteers show up for some shifts, and handling the job well!

Participation Station sending volunteers to Camp Sexy to find us when they showed up early for their shifts, which worked quite well!

The Bad:
One noise complaint early in the weekend (Thursday evening) in the back field. A brief conversation ended with the individual in question deciding it would be great to get out of camp and mingle more for once, and had a great weekend doing so.

Only a single dB meter was available on site, reducing the amount of people who could actively patrol ad measure as part of Sound Patrol.

Finding volunteers who will show up for a late shift is difficult, but just as bad is the current need to be present for every shift start due to having to hand off the expensive dB meter and give instructions on how to use it. Dove and I probably covered 3 extra shifts on the mere fact that we were out and about with the equipment during shift change times.

One camp that did NOT sign up for night time music being one of the loudest (though their speaker direction meant most of their sound was blocked from traveling far by other large, loud camps directly in their path).

Being on an old radio with no ear-piece (and with one picks up enough static to hurt) while handing around noisy areas makes being on radio pointless.

The Ugly:
An incident with a DJ involving multiple rangers, sound patrol, and BOD members. This is well documented elsewhere, likely with long term ramifications for at least one individual involved.

Moving Forward:
Clarification (and possible reduction) of the Sound Policy. The main purpose of the Sound Patrol should be in keeping police from being called to site for noise. Given the resources available, further scope and ‘policing noisy neighbors’ is not feasible, and probably not desirable.

More pre-burn contact with registered camps. Some short and standard information to send out to confirm what THEY submitted to the Sound Application, etc.

Post Burn follow up with camps, as well as documenting general camp adherence to the Sound Policy to assist in making future decisions on who will be approved for nighttime sound.

Figure out a more efficient schedule or equipment training / hand off protocol.

Post Afterburn Report in a timely fashion.


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