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Pony Effigy Applications Being Accepted

Applications for the spring 2017 Effigy are nowbeing accepted.  Click the link below to submit your application.

2017 Burning Art Guidelines & FAQ

We Burn a Pony

ef·fi·gy noun, plural ef·fi·gies.
1. a representation or image, especially sculptured, as on a monument.

po·ny noun, plural po·nies, verb, po·nied, po·ny·ing.
1. a small horse of any of several breeds, usually not higher at the shoulder than 14 1 / 2 hands (58 in./146 cm).
2. a horse of any small type or breed.

The Effigy for Playa del Fuego is a pony, to honor the event’s origins on Assateague Island.

If you or your camp would like to volunteer to build the Pony Effigy, you will need to apply when the call goes out. After you return the completed form, the various design applications are compiled and a designer or design team is selected by past Pony Builders and the Pony Wrangler. If your design is approved, you get two reserved tickets, you get up to $2400 in materials and transportation costs, and you get the undying appreciation of your community.

See the links below for additional information and pictures of effigies from past events. When the next applications for the pony effigy open up check back here, or in the Burning Pony Express for more information, deadlines, and links to paperwork.

Contact Us

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Past Pony Effigies

Check back soon for a gallery of pony effigies from the past. Have great photos of pony effgies? Dig them up.  Once the photo release is finalized we'll accept pony photos.