Theme Camp Info and FAQs

Anyone can create a Theme Camp! A Theme Camp is an INTERACTIVE place that provides a public space. Interactivity comes in many forms! Some examples include displaying art, providing a chill space, teaching a skill, playing games, showing off your talent, preparing food/beverages, creating a dance place, the possibilities are limitless. Theme Camps come in all sizes big and small. Everyone is encouraged to gather your buddies and create whatever it is you have to offer!

Here's how you become a Theme Camp.

1. You must Log in or Register for an account.

2. Pick a Camp Leader. (this person will register online and be the contact person for the entire camp)

3. Start by clicking "Create A Theme Camp" located on the top menu bar of the website under Theme Camps. (this will get your Theme Camp listed on the website and in the printed WWW Guide, but will not get you a reserved spot).  If you've already created your Theme Camp, you can confirm you are coming by clicking "My Theme Camps" in the main menu and then clicking ""We are coming and setting up in open camping."

4. Then, if you would also like a reserved location for your Theme Camp, click "Request Theme Camp Placement" located on the top menu bar of the website. (all Sound Camps must Request Placement) or Click "Request Placement" on the "My Theme Camps" page.

5. About one week before the event, the placement map (which includes your camp's location) will be emailed to the Camp Leader. That email will also include Theme Camp specific information. The map will also be posted at the bottom of this page.

Please read all the FAQs below.


When does Theme Camp registration begin?

Registration begins once the second round of tickets go on sale. 

When does registration close?

Registration closes end of day May 1st.

What if I missed the deadline?

Don't worry. You can still create a Theme Camp... you just won't get a reserved space or be able to be a Loud Sound Camp. Show up and set up in Open Camping and do your thing. Sorry, no large vehicles permitted in Open Camping.

Are all Theme Camps required to "Request Placement"?

If you are a Sound Camp, your camp must request placement and be placed. All other camps can just show up and do their thing in Open Camping. But, those Theme Camps in Open Camping will not receive a reserved space or a parking pass to camp within their Theme Camp.

I need placement for my art. What do I do?

You may place art in your Theme Camp, but please include its name and description in the Theme Camp registration form. If you just need placement for your art (and no campers) you may ask for Art Placement online.

I want to bring a big sound system. Do I have to do something special to register?

First, register your camp as usual using the link above. Then you must fill out the "Sound Camp Application".  Once filled out the sound coordinator will contact you with additional information.

We are creating the greatest Theme Camp ever! Can we get comp tickets?

Nope. No one gets a comp ticket at PDF. Not me, not you, not the Board, not the Event Coordinators, not even Larry Harvey.

How do we get our Theme Camp and our events in the printed WWW guide.

By completing Step 2. (click "Create a Theme Camp") you will be included in the printed WWW guide.  To create events, just choose  "Add Event" or "Add Art"  under the What Where When menu at the top.

We need power for our camp, but we don't have a generator. Can we get power?

Most likely. The event doesn't offer power, but another Theme Camp may have minimal power to share. We'll hook you up and place you next to a camp with a generator. 

My Theme Camp requires a quiet place. Is it possible to still do our thing?

Yes. There are areas that are designated as quiet areas. Placement is determined by requested sound levels.

My Theme Camp has 30+ people in it, so does that mean I can reserve a huge spot?

Nope, each spot is about the same size (50 x 50). Some a bit larger, some a bit smaller and some more rectangular. The size of a space is determined by public areas, not by how many campmates you have. If you think you'll be tight on space, you may want to ask some of your camp mates to camp in Open Camping.

My Theme Camp requires a dark place. Is it possible to still do our thing?

Yes. Your Camp's placement can be determined by this request.

When is the latest map available?

The map gets emailed to all placed Theme Camp Leaders and Art about one week before the event. It is then also available at the bottom of this page for everyone to see.

Can I see the placement map from the last event or current event?

Yup, scroll to the bottom of this page. It's there.

I have so many questions. Heck, I don't even know what a Theme Camp is. Who do I ask?

Contact the Theme Camp Coordinator. They will hold your hand and tell you it'll all be awesome!

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