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Tickets FAQ



Extra Super Important Information

  • You MUST show up with VALID LEGAL PHOTO ID that matches the info on the waiver you signed for your ticket, and your ticket alone.
  • If you have more than one adult ticket associated with your ticket account, you’re doing it wrong.
  • No print outs or other forms of ticketing will be accepted at the gate.
  • Your ID is the only acceptable means of entry. Have it handy when you come to the gate. The gate entry is a single-lane road. Don’t be “that guy” who has to tell the gate crew, “oh, my ID is my bag in the trunk.”
  • Please don’t ruin others’ experiences by pleading ignorance and jamming up the entry line.
  • Read ALL of the information below.


Ticket Price

  • Round 1 tickets will be $65 - 500 available.
  • Round 2 tickets, will be $80 - 250 available.


Ticket Sales Dates


Purchasing Tickets

  • Tickets can be purchased from the Ticketing website found at
  • Tickets will remain on sale until the round sells out or the Monday prior to the event, whichever comes first.
  • We recommend that you log into your Ticket Account before you begin the process to purchase tickets.
    • IMPORTANT: The ticketing website and the Playa del Fuego website do not use the same user management. Please make sure you have an account on
  • Unless you have received a discount code through the hardship ticket program, IGNORE the request for a Coupon Code. You can move forward without entering anything there. 
  • Tickets will not be sold at the gate.


Refund and Cancellation Policy

  • All sales are final. No refunds or exchanges will be issued for any reason. Fees are nonrefundable. FirePony Creative Society is not responsible for any losses due to any personal decision to transfer your ticket to another individual. See the Waiver for more info.


Electronic Tickets and Waivers (download copy of waiver):

  • The individual who purchases the group’s tickets will be prompted to complete an online waiver. Until this individual transfers their extra tickets to other adults, each ticket they purchased will remain connected to the name / information of the original waiver.
  • If a buyer enters a second name and email for the 2nd adult ticket they purchase, the system will automatically create a new account for the second individual if one does not already exist. That individual will then be sent an email by the system inviting them to create an account, log in, and claim their ticket.
  • For an adult that purchased tickets for minors, and will be the legal guardian who will accompany the minor at the event, they should NOT transfer the minor tickets. When they arrive at the Gate, the legal guardian will have the tickets for the minors, and will be asked to complete an on-site waiver for each minor. See more information on Burning With Minors below.
  • To enter the event, each adult must have completed an electronic waiver online before 12 noon EST the Tuesday prior to the event.
  • We define “adult” as someone who will be 18 at the time they come through the Gate.
  • The waiver is a legally binding document and must include accurate information of the adult participant as reflected on their VALID LEGAL ID.
  • Your valid ID could be your your driver’s license, your government issued ID card, or your passport.
  • If information on the waiver does not EXACTLY match the information of a participant’s legal ID, the participant will not be permitted into the event. (Use your legal First and Last name, address as reflected on your ID, etc.)


Ticket Transfer Guidelines

  • Participants may transfer tickets to other adults at any time prior to the pony burn.
  • Before requesting a ticket to be transferred to you, be sure to set up your account on It’s vital that the email you give to the person who is transferring you their ticket match the email of your ticket account.
  • Before transferring a ticket to someone else, confirm with them that their email account is the one they use for their ticket account on
  • Each time a ticket is transferred, the waiver information associated with that ticket will be cleared out and returned to that of the original buyer until the recipient claims their transferred ticket.
  • You’ll know you’ve received your ticket when you log into your account at and see your ticket listed there.
  • Be sure to transfer all extra tickets! If you show up at the Gate with two or more adult tickets associated with your account, then your bestie (or besties) will be left out in the cold with no way of getting into the event. That would be sad. They’d hate you. And you’d hate the Gate crew. And no, we’re really not going to make an exception for you.


Burning with Minors

  • Children 12 and younger do not require a ticket. Minors 13-17 can be added to an adult ticket at the time of purchase, or during open sales if tickets are available. If the participant is under 18 years of age, a parent or guardian must sign a waiver on behalf of their children when arriving at PDF.
  • A separate waiver must be signed at the gate on behalf of each minor. A participant must be younger than 18 at the time they enter the event in order to use a Minor ticket.
  • IMPORTANT: If the minor’s parent or guardian is not attending PDF with the minor (eg. you’re bringing your nephews and nieces to PDF), you must contact us for further information at


Gifting Tickets

  • You are encouraged to gift tickets at any time before the Saturday of the burn. Please follow the instructions above under Ticket Transfer Guidelines.
  • Cell Signal is spotty in the area of the event and transfers include signing the waiver online, which must be done before approaching the gate.


Hardship Tickets


Reserve Tickets

  • Those who have earned a reserved ticket will have access to a sale dedicated to reserved tickets and artists after round 2.


Ice Sales & Re-Entry Passes

  • information on Ice Sales and Re-Entry Passes can be found here.


If you have questions, email