Volunteer Mission

Volunteering just makes you feel good

Hey, hey you there, did you know that PDF is a 100% Volunteer run event and anyone and everyone can be a mad sexy  rockin' volunteer.  We heart volunteers and volunteering just makes you feel good and that's a yay ;-)
The True Experience of a Burn comes from being Pro-Active. The more you give the more you will receive.

The Volunteer system typically goes online 2 months prior to the event and runs until the week before.. Thank you for wanting so sincerely to volunteer. Without you the event would not happen or it would but we'd all be standing in a confused huddle in the parking lot with no one to take our ticket and no potties, art, or firewood.

As soon as the Volunteer system is up and running again you can be sure it will be announced here and in the Burning Pony Express as well as other non official channels like social media and sky writing.

There are many different ways to volunteer, here's a right quick run down of some of the ways you can volunteer at the event itself.

Participation Station

Get people to volunteer to assist with the event in any way thats necessary, and also "center camp" so to speak. Like if you need a ranger or lost something. You also hand out badges to different volunteers as they come and sign up or arrive and check in.

MOOP Sweeps

Easy peasy, grab a glove and walk around and pick up MOOP. There is usually not much, so it ends up a bunch of people going from camp to camp picking up MOOP and fun times to be had comes with being a volunteer.


Gather together to light up our nights the same way they do at that thing in the desert.

Front Gate/Ticketing

Check people in, the first night and day can be a little hectic for a new person, but Saturday would be great if you want to get the check in gate experience. Sunday is more of just gate duty with late check ins or people leaving.


Just what the word says, greeters greet, answer questions, inform and give and get LOTS a hugs and greeting is a GREAT way to meet and make new friends at the burn too.


You have to attend ranger training on sight and then you can sign up. This is our self policing entity, and and are here for the community from the community. They are not your mom and they ain't the cops.
Note about Rangers, you must have attended at least one PDF prior in order to ranger, however, you may attend ranger training if it is your first.


The SEXIEST volunteers volunteer for this task, parking can be a bit of a bratty pony and it's our hardest slots to fill, but, we know how sexy you are and we know you want to go park with those other sexy parking volunteers too!!!

Special Forces

MASH Camp: Need some sort of medical background.
Fire Team: Experience preferred as well.

Help Wanted

Go to The P.O.N.Y and see check out the Help Wanted Ads. These are often for highly specialized skill, but can also be for easy projects to do before the event, and calls for artwork.