All Things Virtual del Fuego!

VDF Art Grant Applications Now Open 

Virtual del Fuego 2.0

Memorial Day Weekend 2021
Fri. May 28, 2021 6pm et - Mon. May 31, 2021 3pm et




What is Virtual del Fuego (VDF)? 

VDF is an EXPERIMENT in creating INTERACTIVE communal SPACES in virtual places. Everyone is INVITED to work. Everyone is invited to PLAY.

For those who missed it last year, VDF is a FREE sanctioned Burning Man REGIONAL with a unique BURNER BUILT website using JITSI that captures the NEIGHBORHOOD FEEL of a physical burn. Participants can move from CAMP TO CAMP, create IMMEDIACY ROOMS, sign up for STAGE time, and share your favorite STREAMING platforms. 


VDF is Offering Art Grants - Applications Extended to April 30th! 

VDF is offering Art Grants, including an EFFIGY Art Grant!  You can DREAM BIG but also you can DREAM SMALL! The Art Grant Committee is pleased to offer $50.00 microgrants to ART UP YOUR ONLINE PRESENCE! Make a fancy hat! Or a costume! Or use fabric or paint to decorate your background! Fire up that hot glue gun and get your imagination going - VDF wants to SEE Your ART!

APPLY for an ART GRANT here:



VDF Volunteer Hours Count towards PDF Volunteer Reserve Ticket Program!

Join the VDF TEAM of RANGERS, SANCTUARY, and PLAYA INFO, collectively known as the R U OK CORRAL, and have those hours count towards a RESERVED TICKET for the next PLAYA DEL FUEGO, tentatively assumed for Memorial Day Weekend 2022.  


  • Playa Info - The R U OK Corral is the collective team for VDF support services and Playa Info is the public-facing piece of the R U OK Corral team. Playa Info volunteers at the R U OK Corral will interact with participants to determine what type of help they need: general information, a ranger, sanctuary, or immediate harm reduction intervention. 
  • Rangers- A role to be filled by those who have Rangering experience from previous Burning Man/regional events, either live or virtual.
  • Sanctuary- Sanctuary volunteers provide an ear to listen, a hand to hold, or a heart to heart for those in distress or crisis to reach out. Previous harm reduction and/or mental health training is encouraged for sanctuary volunteers, who hold space in three-hour shifts throughout the event.

Email inquiries:




Effigy Builder Wanted!

VDF is eagerly looking for one special ARTIST TEAM to design, BUILD and BURN our signature effigy, the PONY!

Ponies aren't your thing?  VDF is open to facilitating other LARGE SCALE effigies, temples, or BURNING ART pieces and communal effort BUILD TEAMS.  Do you have an idea that you want to see come to life? Are you organized? Can you help us help you make your project happen? Well then, what are you waiting for? Apply now!

APPLY to build the EFFIGY here:



Donate to VDF!

VDF is FREE to all who attend. The VDF Art Grant fund is generously seeded with funds from our host, FIREPONY CREATIVE SOCIETY.

A bigger ART GRANT fund means bigger ART, so VDF is now accepting DONATIONS through PAYPAL. Donations from GENEROUS community members will directly support VDF ARTTHANK YOU for your generous GIFT!

DONATE to the VDF Art Grant Fund 


Coming Soon!

The VDF Website!

What Where When Submissions - Integrated into the VDF website, you'll be able to create events, schedule time on the main stages, and/or provide links to outside platforms. 

Theme Camp Applications - Theme Camp rooms will stay throughout the duration of the event and not fall off the platform after a period of inactivity. 

Art Placement Applications - This is if a room is needed to be dedicated to the art piece for the duration of the event and not fall off the platform after a period of inactivity. 

And More!

Note:  please used the links within this article and not website applications!


Ticket Refunds and Art Grants from PDF 2020

No Changes!
2020 Tickets:  For anyone who bought tickets for PDF 2020 and chose to roll them over to 2021, your tickets will be automatically rolled over to PDF 2022. 
You can request a ticket refund at any time by emailing
2020 Art Grants:  All art grants approved for PDF 2020 will be honored for PDF 2022 with a new application for the same project. 

Playa del Fuego 2021 Cancelled

After a Community and Planning Committee vote on Feb. 16, 2021, the consensus is that Playa del Fuego 2021 will not be held as a physical event due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

As we all know, vaccines are rolling out and the pandemic landscape shifts day to day.  Unfortunately, this was a decision that could not be delayed as PDF needed to notify the landlord of our intentions regarding PDF 2021 as soon as possible.  

A proposal was received to cancel PDF 2021 and the new voting process was engaged. 

As a result of that vote, PDF 2021 has been canceled.  Please know, it breaks our hearts to cancel for the 2nd time.

Thank you to all the community members who took the time to participate in the vote!

The results from the open community vote were 46 Yay in favor of canceling and 22 Nay to go forward with planning the event. Under the newly instated Planning Committee voting rules, the Community vote is a simple majority of the votes cast and counts as 1 vote. 

The decision was made official during the Feb. 16, 2021 Planning Committee live vote with a final vote tally of 16 Yay, 0 Nay, and 2 Abstain. 

Item for Community Vote - Cancel PDF 2021 due to COVID-19 Pandemic

The PDF Planning Committee has received a proposal to Cancel PDF 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  

This proposal item that will go to a live vote on a Zoom call on Feb. 16, 2021 at 7 pm et.  The community is invited to watch the live vote at

The item is a simple YEA or NAY vote to cancel PDF 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  

YEA to cancel PDF.  NAY to go forward holding an event.  

As we all know vaccines are rolling out and the pandemic landscape shifts day to day.  

PDF needs to notify our landlord and vendors (firewood, ice, porto-potties etc.) of our intentions regarding PDF 2021 as soon as possible.  

Going forward with an event in Tamaqua will require additional considerations and will require community members to fill vacant roles.   In addition, PDF will adhere to all federal, state, and local laws and protocols surrounding quarantines, masks, handwashing, and occupancy for outdoor gatherings.  A summary of considerations can be found on the voting form. 

Community members can vote here:  


The voting period is open until Feb. 16th at 3 PM ET.  Please see the below article for details on the new voting process.

Announcement of Planning Committee New Voting Process

Playa del Fuego 2020 may have been cancelled but the Planning Committee (aka “the PC”) has been busy!  Recently, we voted to update the Proposal Voting Process - and yes - that means we voted on how to vote!  

As PDF is uniquely community driven, it was imperative that the new Voting Process include a way for the Community voice to be heard.  

Voting Process Details:

Why Was The Process Changed?  The prior process did not provide flexibility for all department leads to participate.  The new process allows for absentee voting for department leads and targets those impacted by the proposal's change.  

Who Can Vote?  Current department coordinators and leads (primary, assistant, and co-), two board members, and one community vote.  The single community vote is determined by a simple majority of the public vote.

What Items Go For Vote?   Proposals are for items large scale items that impact all departments. 

Where Do I Vote?  The community will vote using a google form available on this website, department leads and board members may vote during the live vote on the designated PC call or cast an absentee vote by email. 

When Do I Vote?  After the proposal is discussed, finalized, and determined to be ready for vote in a PC call, the community will be notified shortly thereafter and the voting period will stay open until 4 hours before the next scheduled PC call, which will call for the vote

How Will I Be Notified Of The Vote?  Through the Burning Poney Express newsletter ("BPE") and on the website   The item will also be announced on the PDF Facebook group as a post of the newsletter announcing the vote.  Vote result will be announced in a BPE.

Not getting the newsletter?  Check your spam or promotions folder or sign up here:

VDF Post - Burn Survey


Just like always, Communal Effort and Participation came together on Memorial Day weekend to create a temporary community that celebrates Immediacy and Self-Expression and which has now disappeared into the past, Leaving No Trace. has dissipated into the digital cloud from whence it came, and we would like to thank all those who participated by signing in, making a pony, sharing your art, joining discussions, playing trivia, shenannying shenanigans, and everything else!  THANK YOU!

Now we are asking that you Participate again by telling us about your VDF experience!

When did you attend?  What worked for you?  What didn't work for you?  This is your chance to congratulate or complain in a constructive way!

Thank you Survey is closed. 



Virual del Fuego is a sanctioned Burning Man Regional Burn running from Friday May 22, 2020 at 6 PM ET - Sunday May 23, 2020 at Midnight ET.

Please be patient with the website. We're still busy testing and putting the finishing touches to make the website ready for Friday's gate opening at 6:00 PM ET.

You'll be able to create a login and get properly greeted then!

PDF Refunds Are Complete (Almost!)

All the refunds that were able to be completed are done! 

There are a handful of could not be completed for various reasons, and attempts have been made to contact those involved.  

If you are expecting a refund and did not recieve one, please email  to get it sorted out. 

For the curious, the ticket stats are:  

67.2% requested a refund
29.3% kept their tickets for 2021
3.5% donated their ticket money to cover expenses - THANK YOU!


Community Q&A and Site Demo

Friday 5/15/2020 8 PM ET

Our wonderful web team has been busting their butts building an all-new website for VDF! Thank youz!

Now the web team needs YOU!  We invite everyone to a site demo and VDF Q&A this Friday!!  Find out what VDF is all about, see how the website will work, and ask all your questions to those who are making this happen! 

The web team is hoping for a decent turnout via video stream in order to put the server through its paces while giving everyone the opportunity see the website functionality.  There's only one week until the event!!!   Fire up those web cams and join us for some fun!

Y'all wanted Early Entry, right? Now's your chance!

Update:  Demo went great and as a result we made a beefy server even beefier!  Thank you to everyone who participated!

VDF Event Submissions Now Live!

This year the WWW (What Where When) will actually involve websites!

Submissions are now being accepted for any sort of event you can dream up. You can: 

  • grab a one hour timeslot on the Main Stage (all ages) or Backstage (18+)
  • create your own Immediacy Room on the when you need it (good for longer events, or super short ones)
  • host an event in your Theme Camp's room (apply for one here)
  • provide a link to an external website ( Facebook Live, Zoom, etc.) where you will host an event

Submit your VDF shenanigans HERE

Event Submissions close on Firday 5/22/2020 at Noon ET


Theme Camps that would like pre-made Jitsi rooms featured directly on the new VDF website should apply for a Theme Camp Room. 

Integrated VDF Theme Camp rooms will be available all weekend, and can be either All Ages or 18+.  Camps are welcome to get one of each.  

Jitsi rooms are similar to "Zoom rooms", but free and open-source.  A dedicated web team is attempting to build something new, a virtual neighborhood of room-spaces for communal interactions, as opposed to "broadcast" virtual events on platforms such as Facebook Live or Twitch.   Participants who want to use platforms other than Jitsi will be able to provide links in their event description on the calendar of events (coming soon!) however those links will be outside the VDF virtual neighborhood.  

Theme Camps are encouraged to be creative in managing their virtual spaces, both during events and for downtime.  Oh, won't you be my virtual neighbor?

Sign up for your Theme Camp space here

Theme Camp Applications close Friday 5/22/2020 at Noon ET

VDF Volunteer Sign Ups are Now Open!








Greeters!  We welcome all participants into our online community with charm, shenanigans & complete clear chaos! We are the sexy reporters who give up juicy details of ongoing events, how to use the platform, and educate our wonderful Burning Man Principles. We set the mood....bring it!

Sign up here:

Sanctuary!  VDF Sanctuary is a place where we can come to feel held, to feel heard, to feel seen, to feel safe. The VDF Sanctuary team acknowledges that times have been rough for many of us, and that spaces of healing are needed. We are a passionate group of volunteers that love lovingpeople. We are friends holding space for friends and wish to love others in all the right places.

Sign up here:

Moderangers!  Not quite a moderator, not quite a ranger, but a new MODERANGER!  Experienced Rangers are wanted to hang out in Moderanger HQ or to bounce from room to room to help de-FLAME online conflict and look for lurkers in 18+ rooms.  

Sign up via email: 


Virtual Del Fuego


The VDF Vision

The FirePony community is very excited to bring you Virtual Del Fuego, a free virtual and communal burn space to be held on a new website Memorial Day Weekend!!   The VDF website will be a blank canvas for participants to express themselves, with a calendar of events and access to a variety of "Jitsi" video-stream and chat rooms such as Center Camp (general chat), the Backfield (adult chat), Open Camping, Sanctuary, and Theme Camps room(s).   Theme Camps are encouraged to apply for their own room(s) to create and share art, content, and host events all weekend long!  

The Platform

VDF is using an open source platform called Jitsi which is similar to the ubiquitous “zoom room” we have all gotten to know.  Integrated Jitsi rooms will provide infrastructure rooms andTheme Camp rooms.   Open Camping rooms will be available for participants not affiliated with a Theme Camp to schedule and host events.  The Jitsi App is available to download from Google Play and the App Store so you can burn on the go.  Participants that want to use a different platform are encouraged to schedule events and share their links to whatever platform they prefer.  The VDF website will be Gravatar compatible. 

Theme Camps

Theme Camps should start planning NOW.  Theme Camp applications will be open soon!  At VDF, Theme Camps that have applied will have a website-integrated Jitsi room(s) waiting for them to access and use throughout the weekend.  Theme Camps are encouraged to hold various events and be creative with your camp downtime (start creating those playlists and background images now!).  Theme Camps will want to provide an image to identify their camp room(s) on the website. 

Open Camping  

Multiple open camping rooms will be available for scheduling events for participants who are not part of a theme camp.   Other rooms will include Center Camp, Backfield, Sanctuary, Greeters, and Moderanger HQ.  And any other rooms the community can think up!  

Volunteers Needed!

Volunteer schedules will be coming soon for Greeters, Moderangers, and Sanctuary!   Department leads needed!!  Express your Interested in joining the team by emailing

The Pony

On Saturday afternoon there will be a “Build Your Own Pony” event using whatever you have in the house (toilet paper rolls, anyone?) and a Communal Pony Burning at 0:dark30!


Sound camps can rage it as loud and as long as they want!!!

Watch this space for more VDF information Coming Soon!

Ticket Refund Options Now Closed

Refunds are expected to start going out this week!


All ticket holders will have between 3/31/2020 and 4/15/2020 to choose an option for their purchased ticket(s) and re-entry passes.  After signing in to the Ticketing website and clicking on My Tickets, ticket holders will have the option to:

  • REFUND  A PayPal refund will be sent to the email address currently attached to the ticket.
  • PRE-PAID  Keep the ticket as a pre-paid ticket to Playa del Fuego 2021
  • DONATE  Donate the ticket to Playa del Fuego to help offset some of the charges incurred prior to cancelation
  • DO NOTHING  You will be sent a PayPal refund to the email address currently attached to the ticket.  

All refunds will be processed after April 15th.  Please be patient, each ticket needs to be processed manually. 

See the Ticket Refund Process FAQ for further details. 

Playa del Fuego 2020 Has Been Canceled

One of the principles held closely by the Burning Man community is Civic Responsibility and the FirePony Creative Society board assumes responsibility for the public welfare of our participants while at one of our events.  And so, it is with great sadness that we inform you that on Monday March 23, 2020 the FirePony board unanimously voted to cancel Playa del Fuego 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Please refer to Coronavirus COVID-19 Update #3 for the full communication, including ticket refund options, volunteer reserve tickets, and art grants.  

While the cancellation is a great loss, there is also great hope and optimism for PdF 2021.  We received a record number of art grant submissions for PdF 2020 and we are hopeful that there will be new inspirations for artists in 2021 resulting in double the art and double the fun!  We plan to use this time to tackle some of the long term projects that seem to get put off year after year and we are confident that Playa del Fuego 2021 will be the shiniest, most art filled, most inclusive PdF yet! 

03.11.2020 Update #1 from FPCS 

03.16.2020 Update #2 from FPCS

03.24.2020 Update # 3 from FPCS

FirePony Creative Society Statement on COVID 19

The FPCS board has had a number of inquiries Playa del Fuego with regard to the novel coronavirus/COVID-19. FPCS is actively monitoring the situation both for its impact on our community and also in light of CDC guidance based on national and global information.

We are currently discussing possible event responses, and we want to reassure the community that the board is working to make the best, most ethical decision for our community.    Regular communications from FPCS about the situation are be linked below.

03.11.2020 Update #1 from FPCS 

03.16.2020 Update #2 from FPCS



Volunteer Schedules are OPEN!

Hey, hey you there, did you know that PDF is a 100% Volunteer run event?  Anyone can volunteer, even first timers!  By volunteering, you contribute to the event running smoothly, you get to interact with many new and wonderful participants, and you feel good about yourself for having tackled Civic Responsibilty, Participaton, and Communal Effort in one shift!   Sign up online and then stop by the Participation Station at the event to learn how volunteering can earn you a reserved ticket for the following year. 

Learn about the many ways to volunteer here.   

Sign up for them here.  

Round One Sold Out!!!

Round One:   Sold Out

Round Two:   March 11, 2020 at 9PM EST (250 Tickets)

Reserved Round:  TBA (Artists and Volunteers)