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Covid Protocols

COVID Vaccination Protocol for PDF 2022

Updated Policy Information as of 05/15/2022

The health and safety of our community and participants is our greatest concern. We encourage wearing masks, washing hands frequently, and social distancing whenever possible. 

In order to reduce the severity of COVID-19 cases in our communities and in our nation, FirePony Creative Society (FirePony), the legal and fiscal oversight body of Playa del Fuego, has adopted a policy of mandatory vaccination status for all attendees to safeguard the health of our participants and surrounding communities for PDF 2022.

Updated Policy Information as of 05/15/2022:  

PDF will be conducting non-contact temperature checks at the gate (temperature gun).  Anyone with a fever over 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit as measured by the temperature gun at the forehead will be sent home and denied admittance to the event. 

Participants who are denied entrance at the gate due to fever will automatically receive a reserved ticket spot for the next PDF (presumed 2023) unless the ticket is

Updated Policy Information as of 05/15/2022:  

Participants must present proof of vaccination at the gate as follows:

Initial series/single J&J completed within the 6 months of May 12, 2022 ensuring their initial series is fully in effect 


Initial series/single J&J greater than 6 months must have their 1st booster. 

Participants may receive a booster up to the day they enter the event. 

This policy is informed by the definitions for Up to Date vaccinations as defined by the CDC, however the verbiage of this policy and the CDC definitions may differ. 

Forms of proof of vaccination accepted are at the gate:

  1. Vaccination card 
  2. Digital or hard copy of your vaccination card image 
  3. Digital or printout of your vaccination card as supplied by some states 
  4. Printout of your vaccination status from health providers or state databases 

By attending PDF you are accepting all health risks associated with COVID-19 and all variants. 

Please be mindful that the gate does not always have cell reception, so please bring a printed or locally saved digital copy of your proof of vaccination. All forms of proof must contain your full legal name, vaccine manufacturer, vaccine lot information, and date(s) administered.

Participants without proof will not be admitted to the event, no exceptions. 

Falsifying or creating a fake vaccine card will result in ejection from the event and being permanently banned from attending or participating in future FirePony events, including PDF, Constellation, and any event under the Community Art and Civic Engagement umbrella. 

FirePony Creative Society reserves the right to modify this policy at any time. 

Currently, vaccinations are not available for children under the age of 5. It is our hope this vaccination will be approved with time for vaccination prior to PDF; however, if it is not, admittance of unvaccinated children will not be allowed. While we would hate to burn without our little ones, we believe Civic Responsibility guides us to require vaccinations for entry. 

FirePony and PDF are committed to safety at our events and will continue to monitor the latest developments. FirePony and PDF will follow all local, state, and federal guidelines at the time of our events. 

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work through this ever-evolving situation.