Trampoline Ban

The FCPS BOD has banned trampolines from all events that we host. This is due to the fiscal liability that participants injured on them have caused to other regional events in the past. We will want to include this in the next coming BPE, the Survival Guide, the website, and be sure all theme camps and participants are aware of this.

The reason for the ban on Trampolines is the result of the availability of trampolines having resulted in participant hospitalizations and becoming paralyzed at burns. These are not something that we can allow happen within our community. This holds more true when an incident occurs at a Regional event and other Regionals become aware of it.

The Board of Directors and the Planning teams of our two events have been making efforts to try and say "Yes", or "Yes, But" before saying No to a request. We are doing this while simultaneously trying to provide a safe community that is growing, empowering, and more self-aware. It is a challenging balance.

When something shows to be a threat to the safety of our fellow participants, the fiscal and legal liability, and longevity of the event; the BoD is obligated to have deliberations and to make hard decisions in the name of protecting the event and our community.