A Fully Sanctioned Burning Man Regional

Ticketing Information

Ticket Sales

Ticket sale info for the 2023 event will be announced late 2022/early 2023

Ticket Aid application deadline: TBA

Ticket Transfer deadline: TBA


PDF 2022 tickets cost $90 each. PDF 2023 ticket cost TBD

Purchasing Tickets

IMPORTANT: Ensure you have registered for an account at https://tickets.playadelfuego.org

  • Confirm or create your ticket account prior to ticket sale events. Nearly 50% of burners have to reset their password each year. Do this ahead of time for a smooth ticket purchase experience.
  • Tickets will remain on sale until sold out or by the Monday prior to the event, whichever comes first. PDF typically sells out in the first hour.
  • Tickets will not be sold or transferred at the gate. All tickets must be transferred with waivers signed prior to the date documented above, typically a few days to a week before gate opening.
  • Coupon Code is not a required field and is for Ticket Aid only. Ticket Aid recipients are notified of their code prior to sale. (see below).
  • Due to Ticket demand, all participants that are in queue at the time of ticket sale opening will be randomized and assigned the order in which the tickets are purchased so all participants have equal opportunity to obtain tickets. The fastest computer does not win.
  • At the time of purchase you will have the option to purchase ice and re-entry passes. For information about Ice Sales & Re-Entry go to Ice & Re-Entry Pass Info

Buying Group Tickets:

Purchasers in the Ticket Sale may buy up to 4 tickets per sale.

  • Purchasers will be prompted to complete a waiver that applies to all tickets until extra tickets are transferred and claimed by other adults. See waiver information below.
  • Purchasers who buy more than one ticket can enter a name and email address of the intended ticket holder, and the ticketing website will automatically create a new ticket account and send a link to the email entered to prompt the new user to confirm their account and claim the ticket.
  • Ticket Transfers must be completed by the date listed above.

Transferring Tickets

  • Gifting & Transferring of tickets must take place before the date listed above.
  • Transferees must sign the waiver, see waiver information below
  • Pro Tip! Ask the transferee if they already have a ticketing account and use that one.
  • How to do a Transfer:
    • Log into the account used to purchase the ticket at https://tickets.playadelfuego.org
    • Click link for “My Tickets”
    • Click on “TRANSFER”
    • Enter the email address of the person to receive the transferred ticket
  • How to Receive a Transfer:
    • Look for an email from tickets@playadelfuego.org with Subject: Playa Del Fuego Ticket Transfer in the email entered by the person doing the transfer
    • Log / Create an account with that email at https://tickets.playadelfuego.org
    • Click link for “My Tickets”
    • Ticket Transfers are automatically recognized and user will be prompted to complete a new waiver
    • Once the waiver is complete, the ticket will be officially claimed and your name will appear next to the new ticket number on the My Tickets page. Waivers are made available for download.

If you run into any issues, contact tickets@playadelfuego.org

IMPORTANT – Do NOT transfer tickets to minors. Legal guardians can pick up tickets for minors at the gate upon arrival where they will be required to complete an on-site waiver for each minor. For more information, see section below “Burning with Minors”.


Note: All adult participants are required to sign the PDF waiver form prior to the event

The ticketing system will prompt you to sign the waiver during the purchase process and when claiming a transferred ticket.

  • This waiver is a legally binding document and must reflect accurate details about the adult participant including legal first and last name and address as reflected on your ID.
  • Upon entry at the gate, participants are required to show a valid legal ID matching the name and address on the signed waiver and an up to date Covid vaccination card
  • No print-outs or other forms of ticketing will be accepted at the gate; only a valid legal ID matching a signed waiver are accepted.
  • Ticket numbers and waivers are associated with the purchaser until the ticket is transferred. After transfer, the new ticket owner must fill out the waiver to retrieve their ticket.

Reserve Tickets

Dates for the Reserve Ticket sale are listed above.

  • Artists and Participants with reserved tickets will have access to a Reserve Tickets sale after Round 1.
  • Reserve ticket holder purchasers will receive an email – they must use this email to purchase the ticket 

Playa del Fuego 2020 Pre-Sold Tickets

Participants that purchased tickets in Round One in February 2020 that have not received a refund will have access to those tickets when the ticketing system goes live on Feb 27, 2022. Tickets purchased in 2020 are good for PDF 2022 ONLY, and can be transferred as above for gifting or resale.

Reminder: DO NOT resell tickets for more than the price you paid for them! (2020 Round 1 $65, Round 2 $80) Any tickets found to be resold for more than the purchase price will be void and reseller may be publicly shamed.

Ticket Aid

A limited number of reduced-price tickets are available to qualified applicants.

  • To apply for Ticket Aid for the upcoming burn, log into your tickets website account and go to this link during the application process timeframe (above)
    • https://playadelfuego.org/node/add/hardship-tickets
  • Personal information about hardship ticket applicants is kept confidential and only shared internally to a very limited number of people in the event additional discussion is required for review.
  • If a hardship application is approved, you will be sent a coupon code that can be applied to one adult ticket.
  • Tickets purchased with Ticket Aid are non-transferrable.
  • Ticket Aid tickets are not reserved tickets (they are discount tickets).
  • Only one hardship ticket per coupon code

Tickets for Minors

All minors must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

  • Children (12 and younger) do not require a ticket.
  • Minors (13 – 17) can be added to adult tickets at time of purchase or during open sales, if tickets are available.
  • Minors are defined as being under 18 at the time they come through the gate.
  • Participants under 18 require a parent or legal guardian to sign a separate waiver for each child on arrival.

Refund & Cancellation Policy

All sales are Final. No refunds or exchanges will be issued for any reason. Fees are non-refundable.

FirePony Creative Society is not responsible for any losses due to any personal decision to transfer your ticket to another individual. See Waiver section above for more info.

Still Need Help?

If you have questions, email tickets@playadelfuego.org.