Transferring Tickets

Need to transfer a ticket?

Important notes to consider before transferring a ticket: 

  • Tickets may be transferred at any time until the gate closes for the burn on Saturday night.
  • Transfers are PERMANENT. Only the assigned user will have access to the new ticket number.
  • If you run into problems, contact


Step 1. Transferring Tickets

  • Go to and log in using the email address you used to purchase your ticket.
  • Click on My Tickets
  • Click on TRANSFER
  • Enter in the email address of the person to whom you’re transferring the ticket.

Step 2. Receiving a Transferred Ticket:

  • You’ll receive an email notification from Subject Line: Playa del Fuego Ticket Transfer
  • Sign into using the email address used to receive the ticket transfer.
  • Click on My Tickets.
  • You’ll automatically be brought to a page to complete the online waiver. You can download a copy of the waiver here.
  • Once you complete the waiver, your name will appear next to your ticket number on the My Tickets page.

NOTE: You do not need to print your ticket. Printed tickets do not have barcodes on them, and having a printed copy of the ticket will not be useful at the gate. We’ll be matching names from our Ticket List with IDs at the gate.

Once you’ve transferred your ticket, your account should look a little like this (except the tickets will obviously say Playa del Fuego):