Gate/Ticketing Lead

Gate/Ticketing Lead

As a Gate Lead you will be responsible for supervising other volunteers in checking people into the event, giving participants wristbands, reviewing COVID vaccination cards, and ensuring that the waiver is signed. In addition, volunteers will check wristbands and Re-Entry passes for cars going in and out of the event.

Gate Lead Shifts are 3 hours.

*Sunday shifts are just checking wristbands and Re-Entry Passes; no ticket processing.

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Thursday 4pm-7pm#1: Naked Mike .
Thursday 7pm-10pm#1: Big Mike .
Thursday 10pm-Midnight (or last participant processed)#1: Chaos Pope J.
Friday 9am-Noon#1: Jess Michelle R.
Friday Noon-3pm#1: Sign up »
Friday 3pm-6pm#1: butter bean .
Friday 6pm-9pm#1: TaraJeanne .
Friday 9pm-Midnight (or last participant processed)#1: Robert P.
Saturday 9am-Noon#1: Sign up »
Saturday Noon-3pm#1: Sign up »
Saturday 3pm-6pm#1: butter bean .
Saturday 6pm-8pm (or last participant processed)#1: Sign up »
Sunday* 9am-Noon#1: Sign up »
Sunday* Noon-3pm#1: Sign up »
Sunday* 3pm-6pm#1: butter bean .
Sunday* 6pm-8pm#1: Sign up »

2022 Vaccination Requirement

All attendees are required to show proof of up-to-date vaccination status at the gate before being admitted to Playa Del Fuego. This includes boosters for individuals who completed their initial vaccinations more than 6 months prior.