Medical On-Call

Medical On-Call

No more sitting around at a first aid station! Medical On-Call are skilled volunteers that are credentialed as EMT or above (RN, NP, PA, MD, etc.) who take On Call shifts to be reached by radio only, typically by either a Ranger or Sanctuary. Medical On-Call volunteers do need to be sober during their shifts, but are able to burn (even sleep!) as normal, unless called by radio to assess a participant.

Medical On-Call Shifts are 8 Hours

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Thursday 5pm-Midnight#1: Dammit Janet C.
Friday Midnight-8am#1: Constance L.
Friday 8am-4pm#1: Colin F.
Friday 4pm-Midnight#1: Mia R.
Saturday Midnight-8am#1: Necho M.
Saturday 8am-4pm#1: Ezra B.
Saturday 4pm-8pm#1: Christopher O.
Saturday 8pm-4am#1: Leila Z.
Sunday 4am-8am#1: Chris O.
Sunday 8am-4pm#1: William R.
Sunday 4pm-Midnight#1: Sign up »
Monday Midnight-8am#1: Alice M.
Monday 8am-Noon#1: Alice M.

2022 Vaccination Requirement

All attendees are required to show proof of up-to-date vaccination status at the gate before being admitted to Playa Del Fuego. This includes boosters for individuals who completed their initial vaccinations more than 6 months prior.