Rangers are members of the burner community who volunteer in the role of non-confrontational community mediators. They are empowered by the community to address safety concerns, mediate disputes, and help resolve conflicts when they cannot be resolved by the persons involved. Rangers encourage self-reliance, individual accountability, and shared responsibility, using non-confrontational communication to encourage cooperation and help create a safe environment for all participants.

Not seeing your favorite shift? This year, we are trying a new experiment in Rangering with targeted volunteer shifts when we need them most! There will be an on-call R12 Ranger of the Day available from via radio at all times, with Khaki Ranger leads available at HQ/radio 2pm-6am and dirt ranger volunteers on shift from 2pm to 6am

Lead/R12 shifts are for Khaki or above Rangers.

Rangers new and old are asked to attend an On-Site Orientation meeting at 7pm Friday at the Participation Station for radio protocols etc.

***Shift counts as 2x toward volunteer reserve program.

Sign up below...

R12 On-Call Thursday 8am-8pm#1: Andrew M.
R12 On-Call Thursday 8pm-Friday 8am#1: Andrew M.
R12 On-Call Friday 8am-8pm#1: Todd G.
R12 On-Call Friday 8pm-Saturday 8am#1: Benjamin B.
R12 On-Call Saturday 8am-8pm#1: Lisa C.
R12 On-Call Saturday 8pm-Sunday 8am#1: Sign up »
R12 On-Call Sunday 8pm-Monday 8am#1: Sign up »
R12 On-Call Sunday 8am-2 pm#1: Tom K.
LEAD Khaki Thursday 10pm- Friday 6am#1: Lemon O.
LEAD Khaki Friday 2pm - 10 pm#1: Lisa C.
LEAD Khaki Friday 10pm - Saturday 6am#1: Sign up »
LEAD Khaki Saturday 2pm - 10 pm#1: Sign up »
LEAD Khaki Saturday 10pm- Sunday 6am#1: Sign up »
LEAD Khaki Sunday 2pm - 10 pm#1: Sign up »
LEAD Khaki Sunday 10pm- Monday 6am#1: Sign up »
Thursday 10pm-2am#1: Eric / Ani .
#2: Jennifer L.
Friday 2am-6am#1: Sign up »
#2: Sign up »
Friday 2pm-6pm#1: Aur H.
#2: Manvel P.
Friday 6pm-10pm#1: Eric / Ani .
#2: Dirty Doc .
Friday 10pm- Sat 2am ***#1: DeLong 1.
#2: Sign up »
Saturday 2am-6am ***#1: One Day .
#2: Pax ..
Saturday 2pm-6pm#1: Manvel P.
#2: Laughing Buddha .
Saturday 6pm-10pm#1: One Day .
#2: DeLong 1.
Saturday 10pm-Sun 2am ***#1: Dirty Doc .
#2: Pax ..
Sunday 2am-6am ***#1: Baby Shot N.
#2: Sign up »
Sunday 2pm-6pm#1: Taco S.
#2: Tom K.
Sunday 6pm-10pm#1: Ericka .
#2: Laughing Buddha .
Sunday 10pm-Mon 2am ***#1: JaydeRaven .
#2: DeLong 1.
Monday 2am-6am ***#1: Sign up »
#2: Sign up »

2022 Vaccination Requirement

All attendees are required to show proof of up-to-date vaccination status at the gate before being admitted to Playa Del Fuego. This includes boosters for individuals who completed their initial vaccinations more than 6 months prior.