Sanctuary Lead

Sanctuary Lead

Sanctuary is a safe and comfortable space where people can hangout,take a break, and chill. Sanctuary is a neutral and welcoming no judgment zone. Sanctuary volunteers work toward providing positive vibes for those experiencing mental, emotional, or spiritual distress; We believe in doing our best to be good listening ears, hold space, as well as provide positive energy alignment, hot tea, dad and shaggy dog jokes. We graciously welcome volunteers who want to give back to the community on an energetic and spiritual level.

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Thursday LEAD 12pm-4pm#1: Erin & Cat .
Thursday LEAD 4pm-8pm#1: Cat .
Thursday LEAD 8pm-12am midnight#1: Erin .
Friday LEAD 12am-4am#1: Erin .
Friday LEAD 4am-8am#1: Sign up »
Friday LEAD 8am-12pm#1: Christen C.
Friday LEAD 12pm-4pm#1: Erin & Cat .
Friday LEAD 4pm-8pm#1: Lauren J.
Friday LEAD 8pm-12am midnight#1: Cat .
Saturday LEAD 12am-4am#1: Cat .
Saturday LEAD 4am-8am#1: Sign up »
Saturday LEAD 8am-12pm#1: David G.
Saturday LEAD 12pm-4pm#1: Heron Z.
Saturday LEAD 4pm-8pm#1: Cat .
Saturday LEAD 8pm-12am midnight#1: Erin .
Sunday LEAD 12am-4am#1: Erin .
Sunday LEAD 4am-8am#1: Sign up »
Sunday LEAD 8am-12pm#1: Sign up »
Sunday LEAD 12pm-4pm#1: Sign up »
Sunday LEAD 4pm-8pm#1: Sign up »
Sunday LEAD 8pm-12am midnight#1: Sign up »
Monday LEAD 12am-4am#1: Sign up »

2022 Vaccination Requirement

All attendees are required to show proof of up-to-date vaccination status at the gate before being admitted to Playa Del Fuego. This includes boosters for individuals who completed their initial vaccinations more than 6 months prior.