A Fully Sanctioned Burning Man Regional

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Post Burn Survey

Fill out this community survey so we can better plan for next year! Open survey in new tab Open survey in new tab

MOOP & Recycle Report

For the first time this year, participants were able to log where and when they collected Matter Out Of Place thru the Rubbish – Love Where You Live app/website. Thanks to Genie for compiling a report of the results, and for recycling deposit containers to raise money for next year’s art grants! View the MOOP…
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Which Department Should I Volunteer With?

Fine Print: This test is for entertainment purposes only. It was created solely for the amusement of the people administering and taking the test, and should not be considered an accurate representation of actual compatibility with a particular volunteer position. Please read the descriptions of volunteer positions to determine if they are right for you…
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