A Fully Sanctioned Burning Man Regional

Leave No Trace and Greywater Policy

Leave No Trace

Leave No Trace is an important but simple principle of our community. The goal is to leave no trace of our amazing event. If possible, to leave things in better condition than we found them.

There are No Public Trash Cans and No Dumpsters at PDF:  Pack It In – Pack It Out! 

Leaving no trace means picking up ALL our trash including cigarette butts, poop, feathers, sofas, bacon grease, beer cans, glitter, and sequins when we leave. 

Leaving no trace means not harming the environment by burning something improperly, or altering or destroying trees or existing structures. 

Leaving no trace means not leaving problems for other people to clean up, including leaving trash in “public” places like near the porta-potties.

At all times, at all places on the site, you are responsible for the trash you create. 

NO dumpsters are provided at the end of the event: please create a plan to take your garbage with you when you leave.

Please see the Survival Guide for tips on leaving no trace. 

Greywater Policy

Please Note:  The Tamaqua site has no water. You are responsible for bringing enough water for the duration of the event and for packing out the water you can’t disperse when you leave.  

Water leaves a trace and should be used thoughtfully. Each participant should have a plan on how to disperse the water properly in place, and haul out what you can’t disperse.

What is Greywater? 

Grey water is water that has been used for cooking, washing, dishwashing, or bathing and contains soap, detergent, food scraps, or food residue.

Why is it a problem? 

While greywater is a lot less harmful to the environment than wastewater from toilet facilities, which is called black water, greywater is still technically sewage and can run-off or leach through the soil to enter waterways and aquifers, resulting in algal blooms or other water quality issues. As a participant at Playa del Fuego, it is part of your responsibility to properly dispose of your grey water. Be kind to the environment – do not dump anything that would cause harm! 

Grey Water Plan 

Having a plan will make water management easy, and a good plan has two components:  disperse and pack out.

By using biodegradable soaps for both yourself and your dishes means that the majority of your water waste will be dispersed.

Disperse:  In general, small amounts of “light” grey water (such as shower water and strained dishwater that used biodegradable soap) can be sprinkled around on the ground so as not to make a puddle.  

Greasy food particulates, oils of any kind, and fuels of any kind are never to be disposed of on the ground.

Pack out:  All other grey water and greasy messes must be packed out.  Packing in an empty 5 gallon bucket with a  lid is an easy way to have space to carry out any grey water that can’t be properly dispersed.