A Fully Sanctioned Burning Man Regional

Theme Camp Applications

2023 Theme Camp Placement submissions deadline: Friday, April 28th CLOSED

Theme Camp or Onsite Parking requests are CLOSED

Get your Theme Camp on the City Map and in the What?Where?When? Guide, and/or get a pass for your RV or other vehicle.

How do I create a Theme Camp?

Fill out the form form Theme Camp Placement between when it opens and the deadline.

Theme camps applying for placement will be automatically included in the What Where When.

What is a Theme Camp?

Anyone can create a Theme Camp! A Theme Camp is an INTERACTIVE place that provides a public space. Interactivity comes in many forms! Some examples include displaying art, providing a chill space, teaching a skill, playing games, showing off your talent, preparing food/beverages, creating a dance place, hosting a talk, the possibilities are limitless. Theme Camps come in all sizes big and small. Everyone is encouraged to gather your buddies and create whatever it is you have to offer!

What is a Sound Camp?

A Sound Camp is a Theme Camp with amplified sound over 100 watts. Sound Camps must request placement! The sound section of the placement application will be reviewed and either approved for daytime sound, approved for 24-hour sound, or denied via email shortly after the application deadline.

Are all Theme Camps required to “Request Placement”?

Requesting placement is one of the options on the Theme Camp request form. 

Must you request placement for your theme camp? It depends. If your camp needs/wants certain privileges, you can only get them by requesting placement. For example, a camp MUST request placement if:

  • they want to have amplified or other sound over 100 watts
  • their camp includes onsite vehicles
  • they want to be located around the Burn field/Center Camp
  • they want to appear on the PDF Map

If, on the other hand, you want to place yourself in open camping, and be responsible for securing your own space during land-grab, you do not need to request placement.

Are all submitted camp placement requests approved?

Pretty much. Unless we reach out to you with questions on your application, and you don’t reply, your camp will be placed. That is why it’s incredibly important for you to notify us ASAP if your camp’s plans change after you’ve submitted a placement request. In general, if you’ve submitted your placement application and received the auto-reply email that says your application has been received, your camp will be placed.

Are all submitted sound requests approved?

No, this is at the discretion of City Planning based on your application and other factors. Camps can be approved for 24-hour sound, daytime sound only, or a specific date/time, or they can be denied amplified sound altogether.