A Fully Sanctioned Burning Man Regional

Early Entry FAQ

Early entry is challenging to the organization, so it is typically only granted for high need situations. The days leading up to the event are when the city gets laid out. It is hard on city planning to accurately place camps before Thursday. On the other hand, we recognize some camps/projects need more time to be all that they can be. So we’d like to be flexible and will work with you. Early entry time is for event setup. If you get early entry, you are expected to use that time to setup and not for shenanigans!

At this time, early entry is determined on a case by case basis. Things that may qualify you for early entry:

  1. Bringing a large Art project that requires long setup time.
  2. A large sound or theme camp that requires long setup time.
  3. Serving as a Board member or Coordinator
  4. Volunteering to staff the gate during the early entry period.

To get approval for early entry, contact cityplanning@playadelfuego.org

In addition, if you volunteer for the first shift when gates open, you can arrive 2 hours early to get yourself/your campsite situated before reporting for your shift. You do not need additional approval for this 2 hour early entry, other than having secured a volunteer slot.