A Fully Sanctioned Burning Man Regional

May 23-27, 2024

Mid-Atlantic Burning Man Regional

Tamaqua, PA

???? A FirePony Creative Society Event ????

Join Event Leadership

Ready to take your volunteering to the next level? Consider joining PDF’s Leadership Team!

FirePony Board Nominations

Nominations open thru June 15th
Nominate yourself or someone else for the FirePony Board of Directors, PDF’s governing body.

Volunteer Ticket Reserve Program

How to register your 2023 volunteer hours to get a Volunteer Reserve Ticket for 2024!

Latest News

Post Burn Survey

Fill out this community survey so we can better plan for next year! Open survey in new tab Open survey in new tab

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Listen to the WWW Guide

Listen to DJ Pony’s broadcast of the What Where When and the PDF Survival Guide.

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Pink Lamp Camps

Need help? Find a Pink Lamp Camp! Pink Lamp Camps are theme camps that have volunteered to host a radio and have folks who can help participants quickly reach Rangers,[…]

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