A Fully Sanctioned Burning Man Regional

What, Where, When Guide

Like a program but better!

The What Where When Guide is the participants’ guide to all the many silly, inspiring, delightful, loud, quiet, thoughtful, foxy, exotic, expressive, interesting, beautiful, humbling, and yummy things that happen at Playa del Fuego.


Download a PDF version below.

Green-friendly Mobile Version
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Printable Booklet – Color
Printable Booklet – B/W
Download and print a copy to bring with you. Printed copies on site will be limited.

Print instructions: In Print window, choose Fit, Landscape, Double-sided (Print on both sides of paper), and Flip on short edge. After printing, make sure the cover is facing out and fold all the pages in half like a book. Pro tip: It may be too large to staple, so try using a rubber band or hair tie to hold it together.

What, Where, When Event Submission Form

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