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Volunteer Ticket Reserve Program

Playa Del Fuego’s Volunteer Ticket Reserve Program (VTRP) provides One (1) Reserved Ticket to next year’s event for 6 hours of validated volunteer time.

Reserved Tickets are held in reserve for purchase, and are not free/complimentary/gratis/etc.

Off-site volunteer hours

Volunteer hours for pre- and post-event positions, such as participation in the Art Grant Review Committee or Conduct Committee, will be logged and applied by Department or Committee heads and reported accordingly.

Onsite volunteer hours

  • sign up for open volunteer shifts before the event or at Participation Station
  • get a volunteer laminate at the Participation Station for your shifts
  • during your shifts, have your volunteer hours validated with a Coordinator signature on the laminate
  • bring your laminate(s) with minimum 6 hours validated to the Participation Station to register for the VTRP and earn a reserve ticket (not free, just reserved) to the next PDF!

If you are unable to register onsite due to early departure or late shifts, instructions will be provided for post-event registration.

This is an OPT-IN program! Coordinators and Departments may not retain records. Participants must bring their validated laminate to the Participation Station to sign up, or email a photo of their 2023 volunteer laminate(s) to participation@playadelfuego.org by February 14th 28th*, 2024 to receive a volunteer reserve ticket for the 2024 event.

*Deadline extended due to technical issues.