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Event NameDescriptionLocationAge of AudienceWhat to bringEvent Type
24/7 Coffee Bar

Stop by anytime to help yourself to the comfort and aroma of French press Colombian coffee, or decaf or hot cocoa. If we’re around, we’re happy to prepare and serve. If not, follow the easy DIY instructions. Available condiments will include both dairy and non-dairy options.

Blue IntensityEveryone

a drinking vessel

50 Shades Book Burning

Dramatic readings from the 50 Shades series – Then we burn it!

Camp Tasty18+ Only (adult content)

Any copies of any book in the 50 shades series you may have purloined from your mother’s sister’s friend’s bookshelf. Friends don’t let friends read this book!

Artistic Expressions

Come paint with water colors) or color preprinted inspirational or snarky pages, or create your own artwork!

(Note: some of the preprinted pages include adult language)

Camp Stay GoldEveryone

your creative brain and, preferably, some water

Board Nominations are Open

Are you thinking about joining the FirePony Board of Directors or just Board curious about what we do and how we do it? Find a board member and ask questions! The BOD is the fiscal, legal, and technical oversight body that hosts PDF, Constellation, and other burnerific community-driven projects. We partner with the community to create our events. Each year a board member is chosen to be the Mayor of PDF. You can find the Mayor because they wear a Mayor Hat. Except this year – Mayor Smiles ran for office on a No Hat Platform! This year the Mayor wears a SASH

Many of us can be found on Electric Ave Midwest or in the secret Board Hot TubEveryoneEducational
Bring me all your Raisins

Raisins of all sorts wanted all weekend! Any sort of dried fruit is wanted, BUT, raisins are preferred for my magic act. I can make raisins do amazing things!



Camp Re-Charge

Hours will be 24 hours a day. If the lights are on in the Camp Re-Charge Tent…we are up and running.Bring your own cords to charge whatever you need. We will have fast charging USB hubs and powerstrips. No high energy items like water kettles, toasters, coffee makers. Camp Re-Charge is also in charge of ice sales and in and out passes. ONE TIME USE In and Out passes are sold during ice hours and as available at Camp Re-Charge. We can accept Visa, MC, Discover, Google and Apple Pay …NO CASH IS ACCEPTED. All purchases go directly into the Fire Pony Creative accounts.

Directly across from Participation Station on back area against the trees.Everyone

Your cords, etc

Chicken Nugget Glory Hole

Calling all dirty birds, cum get some hot and mouth watering chicken nuggets from our portable glory hole and roaming BDSMKFC rave. But don’t cluck shame, we’re all clucking cucks when the nugs come out. Your Chicken Daddy says the safeword is: Cock-a-doodle-yum!

Dark Alleys and Seedy Bushes18+ Only (adult content)

Open Mouth

Food/Drink, Anarchy
Chill Pills @ Playa Pharmacy

Want to play a game? It is a radical gifting game called Chill Pills, and you play it by gifting beads anywhere on playa to enable moments. DO NOT EAT THIS GAME. Get your customized prescription at Playa Pharmacy. We’ll walk you through the effects and find the combo that is right for you. We have a full selection social stimulants, vibe stabilizers, anti-chaotics and pro-chaotics. You can also volunteer to be a Pharmacist and/or get involved in a multi-level marketing scheme involving fictitious corporate manufacturers. Chill Pills rock opera performances on demand. Every bead a moment!

Playa PharmacyEveryoneArt, Crafts, Anarchy, Music, Educational, Spiritual, Sport
Chonny Boy’s Retro Arcade

The arcade is open! Come relive the 80’s and play all the classic arcade games the way they were designed to be played-on a full size stand up cabinet. I built a complete system that plays nearly every game you can think of from the 80s and 90s (within the limits of the controls available). From Asteroids to Zaxxon. It’s all here. Unlimited replays. No quarters needed. Stop by any time.

somewhere in open campingEveryone
Coffee and Contemplation

Get your caffeine on at Camp Coffee and Contemplation from around, you know 8 am to like, maybe 11. ..ish. Bring your cup and propensity for thought provoking conversation, that’s all you need to get your jittery start to the day with our French pressed brew. All accouterments to the grind are for your avail. While you’re here, enjoy our Sensory Stimulation Station, pull up a chair and chat, or take in our meditation area for full morning enlightenment. Whatever you do, make sure to visit us on the playa and share the love.

Coffee and ContemplationEveryone


Compost Your Food Scraps

Are you cooking for yourself or others at PDF? You’re so awesome! Do you have a plan for your food scraps? They don’t need to end up in your trash. Bring them to Camp Sunflower to compost and we’ll turn them into a beautiful soil additive to grow the next crop of delicious food ingredients. Don’t know what compost is? Stop on by to learn all about how to build your own pile at home.

Camp Sunflower, in Van Row or maybe Open CampingEveryone

Food scraps (fruits and veggies, bread, egg shells) NO MEAT OR DAIRY, please!

Costume Rack & Repair

Find your new favorite outfit on our costume rack! Donations accepted in clean, wearable condition. Basic clothing repair supplies available all the time for DIY repairs; full service repairs if you can find the seamstress.


Fun, clean clothing donations; your fabulous body to dress up; clothing in need of mending

DJ Pony

DJ Pony brings you news and information about the playa from his secure bunker in cyberspace. Head over to the Participation Station or Barrel of Fun to find out how to tune in to the broadcast.

Participation Station and Barrel of FunEveryoneEducational, Spiritual
Donate to a Local Animal Shelter

Help us fill our donation bin (our storage container is 22x12x14 inches, please only bring things that will fit inside our bin!) non-perishable food, toys, treats that we will be giving to shelters in need within the Baltimore/Washington area. Even the Big Wigs at ^-^ Big Peanut need a tax break!

Bitch Rant Aka Peanut Sanctuary Aka ^-^ Big PeanutEveryone
Dumpster Fire Sundries and (possible) Plushy Tentacle Free Store

It happens to the best of us. After months of meticulous preparation, with your checklist game on point you settle into camp only to realize you managed to leave your [whatever common item everyone knows to pack, but you somehow forgot] back in the outside world. All is not lost! Stop by our little outpost and we may have what you’re looking for. We’ll be keeping things stocked and refreshed throughout the weekend with helpful goods you can take if you need, or just borrow for a while (if it makes sense to do so – that toothbrush is yours now, my dude). Plushy tentacles may make an appearance.

Camp Dumpster Fire (somewhere in backfield)EveryoneAnarchy, Educational
Esmeraldas Rack

Just like Esmeralda, her rack is tiny but fierce! Stop on by to our costume gifting waystation and snatch up some playa worthy threads. Please take what you love ❤️

Esmeralda the VardoEveryone

Clothing donations

Find The Fox

Find the Fox is a radio based hunt! Tune into 89.5 FM on your car radio when you enter the gate to hear the first clue!

EVERYWHERE – but starting at GATEEveryoneAnarchy
Flaketown Gets Down (with the beat)

Come dance and jam out with us! Flaketown will have a handful of rotating DJs playing during the course of the burn.

For those 21+, Flaketown will be mixing unusual cocktails featuring… you guessed it, flakes. Just try one, you’ll love it.

FlaketownEveryoneFood/Drink, Music
Flavor Tripping

Miracle berries block sour and bitter flavors. See how common foods taste different!

Group Portal Weaving

Do you want to make some new connections? Come participate in a collaborative freeform weaving project made by binding sticks and ropes together into organically shaped portals. Build the portals or fill them with your wishes, prayers, hopes, fears, sorrows or something else. The portals and everything inside will burn.

In the open fieldEveryone


Have you tried a pickleback yet? What about a beetback?

Drop by Daisy Camp for some great tunes and spirits. Try a pickleback with whiskey chased by the pickle juice of your choice. Or try a beetback with beet juice and a shot of vodka! The bar will be open at dusk every night until we pass out sometime before dawn. Our very own DJ JEM will be spinning fresh tracks every night. And look for our other events in the WWW.

Daisy Camp21+ Only

Just bring your beautiful selves.

Food/Drink, Music
Hazardous Conditions-Banana Alert

Breaking News. We’ve received word that the road conditions at PDF may be hazardous. Watch out for banana peels. DANGER. We’ll be right there, on the scene, making sure that you don’t slip. And if you do, we will laugh.


Bring your rattles, bring your strings, bring your songs and let the wild rumpus start! Come jam with the Iguanas during the day or night. Bring an instrument if you have one or borrow one from us. We have a fire-pit and hot tea at night.

Iguana Chill CampEveryone

Bring an instrument if you have one or borrow one from us. Bring a cup for hot tea. LNT.


Matt, his Wife Layla and TikiPete will be teaming up this burn gifting massage bodywork at CampTiki. So come on by for a amazing relaxing chill time


Towel or Sheet

Meet Faps – the Flying Albino Psychedelic Squid!

I convinced my friend Faps to join us at PDF this year.
Faps is a flying squid. A white one, to be exact, and if the mood strikes them, they pulse with sound reactive color.
If you see Faps flying around come say hi and if you ask nicely you may be able to take them for a spin yourself!

Roaming (after dark)EveryoneArt, Anarchy
Nailed it!

Come paint your nails or each other’s nails!
Nail polish, remover, and random sparkly stuff will be available.

Children welcome – only WITH adult supervision, as stands for all our events.

Camp Stay GoldEveryone



Browse our books to find your next read, and make your own souvenir bookmark. Gently-loved book donations accepted.


Book donations

Crafts, Educational
Professor Brianiac’s Puzzle Corner

Life got you a bit puzzled? Want to twist and turn as you find your way out of a mental maze. Come on down for a session with some classic mind bending puzzles and skill challenges. Find balance or thread the proverbial needle as you find your way through twisted metal and reach the center of yourself.

Camp Field Trippin’Everyone
Public Bidet

Feeling Dirty? Please come use out public bidet to get that 100% clean feeling

4 FingersEveryoneAnarchy
Pussy Kat Lounge Speakeasy

Looking for a respite from the hustle and bustle of the city? Seek out our hidden lounge and relax with some prohibition drinks and other kool kats…but you better have the secret password!

Kitten Korral21+ Only

Your cup,good stories and good vibes

Art, Food/Drink, Music
Putt putt pony paloza

Come by and try your luck on the 3 “hole” putt putt course. You can also make your own personal paper pony to burn. But wait there’s more.. I be showing you how to make pop-up cards and such.

Open camping area or just look for the 3 hole course (location TBA)Everyone

Open mind

Art, Crafts, Sport
Puzzlebilities: Partial Puzzle Painting Possibilities

Stop by and put together our puzzle, then spend some time coloring in one blank piece to match its neighboring edges. Each visitor or small group will get to assemble the puzzle, receiving a different blank piece to complete. On Sunday afternoon at 4:20(?) we’ll put together all the hand-painted pieces and see what magical image we’ve created together! Open to all ages, but may be more satisfying for those with decent fine motor control, as pieces will be about 4-6 inches square. Only 24 pieces (or 48 – we haven’t decided!) will be available to paint, so don’t delay your visit!

Pyramid PeopleEveryoneArt
Random Spankings or other Random Acts of BDSM

The name says it all. Stop by for a flogging or spanking or whatnot. Who knows, maybe you will get lucky… Only available at consistent times throughout the weekend, Look for the pavilion side walls to be up or stop by the “Poly Haven” for assistance.

Cube Enterprises VIP Pavilian, located at the burn pad near the Burning Triangle18+ Only (adult content)


Anarchy, Educational, Sport
ReadersMagnet Presents Compelling Works of Authors at the 2023 Guadalajara International Book Fair

ReadersMagnet, a self-publishing and book marketing company, joins the 2023 Guadalajara International Book Fair to present compelling works of authors.

FIL Guadalajara’s Schedule:
– For the General Public:
• November 25, 26, and 30, December 1, 2, and 3 from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM
• November 27, 28, and 29 from 3:00 PM to 9:00PM

– For Professionals Only:
• November 27, 28, and 29 from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
– The General Public does not have access during professionals-only hours.

Expo Guadalajara in Av. Mariano Otero 1499, Verde Valle, 44550 Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico18+ Only (adult content)

Come burn off some energy in our recess play area! We’ll have some fun outdoor activities for you for when you’ve studied too hard and you have ants in your pants! Come juggle, play ladder ball, frisbee sticks, pling pong and more! We’ll have games set up for the weekend so come have some fun in the school yard!

Camp Field Trippin’18+ Only (adult content)

A competitive spirit!

Roaming SPF

SPF for PDF won’t be making it back this burn, but I’ll be doing roaming SPF patrol in their name. SPF and Aloe — for your burn prevention and correction, with fully consensual application services upon request.


Yer Bod.

Sense-sational Pit-Stop

Is it getting a bit too “peopley” out there? Need somewhere to burn off some nervous energy? Reground yourself in your senses of sight, sound, and touch. Interact with experimental sensory toys and remember the simple pleasures of play and whimsy.

DINK Camp18+ Only (adult content)

clean, dry hands

Anarchy, Music
Serenity’s Tiny Gifting Tree

Come to the tiny gifting tree . . . find what your soul is searching for . . . leave a little gift for someone else . . . either or both – what ever fills you!

Serenity BusEveryone

gifts to share if they wish

Simulation Cats

Are you missing your kitties here on the Playa? Simulation cats are back at Camp Tasty! Stop by anytime and snuggle with our faux kitties for some real allergy-free & fluff-free fun.

Camp TastyEveryoneArt, Anarchy
Statler & Waldorf: the Kindness Edition

Remember the cantankerous duo Statler and Waldorf from “The Muppet Show,” who would constantly complain and heckle the audience and stage acts because they had nothing else to do? This is just like that; only we’ll be aggressively complimenting and spreading laughter and delight.

Camp Mahna MahnaEveryone
Stuffed Animal Adoptions

Need something soft to hug? Come see our assortment of plushies who are looking for a good home.


Hugs, snuggles, cuddles, etc.


Safety third? We say, “Safety, who?!” Not like there’s any kids around here! Closed-toe shoes and a shred of sobriety help with the safety part, but nothing will prepare you for the intense competitive drive this risky elimination-style hammer-throwing game is sure to ignite within you! Ask for it by name, daytime only.

DINK Camp18+ Only (adult content)

closed-toe shoes, lucky hammer

Anarchy, Sport

All weekend there will be a little table set up right in front of our camp with sunscreens of varying SPFs to protect your beautiful skin and face from the sun’s harmful rays as you romp around the playa! The table will be in place all weekend, so whether you forgot to pack your sunscreen, maybe you’re starting to feel crispy and your camp is too far, or maybe you just like the sweet smell of sunblock in the morning; please stop by, help yourselves, and stay safe!

The Poison FactoryEveryone
Tag my Cornhole

I made a set of cornhole boards to play during the burn but there’s a problem. They’re naked as a fire spinner at the effigy. (OK THAT’S not a problem but…) They need your help. Come grab a pain pen and tag it with your burner name. Draw a mural. Graffiti it up. Just make it not so bland.
This set will be GIFTED to one of you at the end of the burn. If you would like to bring it home with you, or arrange to pick it up, leave your info on the sheet at the event. Or come see me at Camp Gen X-LNT somwhere in open camping. Gift recipient will be decided on whatever moves me at the time.

Parks and RecEveryoneArt, Sport
Temporary tattoos with Loaf

Want some temporary ink? Find the self serve temp tattoo station by Loaf’s camp.
If you have temporary tattoos to share bring them.
Station includes scissor, tattoos, spray bottle, rags, and small receptacle for tattoo trash.

Open camping with lady mannequin legs, You’ll seeEveryoneArt, Crafts
The Affiliate Program

Have you and your cat ever wanted to have the prestige and power held only by those who have acquired, through sizable donations, the title of Honorary Board Member for a Fortune 500 Company? You’re in luck, dreams really can come true! To enter the drawing please submit a photo of your cat to our email at corporatecatpics@gmail.com or in our mailbox at our business location on the playa! The winning cat will be an Honorary Board Member of ^-^ Big Peanut, and the picture will be made into a sticker and distributed at the next Bi Annual Affiliate Event*!

*Occurs only at PDF and Constellation

Peanut SanctuaryEveryone

A photo of your cat. Honestly as many photos of your cat as you want. Please feel free to also include info about your cat. This will not up your chances of being chosen in the raffle, I just wanna know all the fun things about your beautiful kitty cats!

Art, Spiritual
The KentFucky Derby

It’s a Race! It’s a Race! Find us at Camp Field Trippin’ to compete in the Kentfucky Derby! Channel your inner racehorse! There will be 5 legs to this race, all full of precision and absolutely zero training. Get your thoroughbred’s name up on the leaderboard for either speed or best in show. Check back at Camp Field Trippin’ to see if you’re in the lead of the pack! The prize is your pride!

Camp Field Trippin’18+ Only (adult content)Sport
The MOOP Project

Participate in The MOOP Project. This is a pilot program to collect MOOP data. We utilize an iOS app, Rubbish, to collect the data. Anyone with an iPhone or web browser can participate and collect data. Data will be analyzed post event to make educational materials and a MOOP map. Simply download the app to join the PDF 23 MOOP Project. Collect an image of the MOOP in place before collection on playa. The app will do the rest. Please see more info on this project in the LNT section of this guide.


Phone and MOOP bag

The Poop Shoot

Camp Field Trippin’ is bringing back bathroom selfies. Take a step into The Poop-Shoot and get your glamour shots taken and printed all inside the glitziest “stall” in town. The Poop Shoot self-serve photo booth will be open Thursday to Sunday, opening times will vary and will run until that day’s paper and ink is spent, so stop on by Camp Field Trippin’ anytime and ask if we’re poop shootin’.

Camp Field Trippin’EveryoneArt
The Wheel of Fun

Drop in any time to give the Wheel of Fun a spin! The Wheel provides ten options for Fun things you can experience at the camp of the Pyramid People!

Pyramid People campEveryone
TIKI Fire Circle, Daytime Flow & Skillshare

While the flames get flying at night, the TIKI Fire Circle will be open all throughout the day for Flow Practice (not a bad idea to get the lay of the land, if you plan to spin in the evening) and Skill Sharing. There’s almost always someone keeping the beats going at TIKI to keep your day jam hopping. Come say Hello, get acquainted with the Fuel Dump, and get ready to light it up at night!

Camp TIKIEveryone

Flow Toys & Props, Good Attitude, and probably some Sunscreen (Zero shade in the circle, FYI!)

Anarchy, Music, Educational
Tiny fuckin books y’all

Make your own teeny tiny, itty bitty, wee little bite size leather bound (real or vegan) book! Make it into a charm or key ring, draw the smallest flip book animation, write mini spells, fill it with your ex’s cut up love letters and burn it! There’ll be a variety of bits and bobs to make your book(s) extra fuckin special, indeed.

Camp TastyEveryone

Everything you need will be provided but feel free to bring anything you might want to cut into tiny pieces for the pages.

Art, Crafts
Trip Cinema

Every evening starting around 9pm we fire up the stereopticon for an audiovisual maelstrom of Expanded Mind Cinema. The content ranges from blissfully beautiful to absolutely absurd! But fear not fellow traveler, our cinema is interactive with a Trip Remote where attendees can Choose Their Own Trip. If you are sensitive to strobe lights or are in a fragile mental state, we suggest not to take this trip. Are you on the bus or off?

Tripping Hazard18+ Only (adult content)

Open Mind

Art, Music, Educational, Spiritual
Type your Truth

An honest to goodness typewriter. On PLAYA! Come see this marvel of 1950s technology and type your truth. A shift that actually shifts! A bell that dings! Mystery knobs and keys that need to be explored! And careful, the y is not where you think it should be!

If, perchance, you have a typewriter to gift, our Home for Wayward Typewriters is accepting new residents. Just leave them at the bar.

Balls CampEveryone

your truth for sharing

Art, Spiritual
Virgin Bar!

Non-alcoholic drinks for everyone!

Camp Stay GoldEveryone

Your cups

Wandering Bar

Catch us Field Trippin’ through the playa with our mobile bar and dance party! Chase us down and catch those tasty drinks and even tastier beats before we zoom on by!

Roaming21+ Only

A cup

Food/Drink, Music
Would You Rather? Game

Play our interactive, ever-changing namesake game! Spin our two wheels, and choose what action you’d rather do! Don’t like the options? Swap it out for an idea of your own! Are you shy? Watch other people engage in craziness! It’s equal opportunity fun and hilarity for all.

Camp Would U Rather?18+ Only (adult content)
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