At the event:

There are many ways to support Playa del Fuego.

During the burn, there are lots of opportunities to volunteer. We hope each of our participants takes a shift!

At PDF, volunteering can earn you a reserved ticket to the next PDF!

PDF Volunteer Reserve Ticket Program (VRTP)

One Reserved Ticket To Next PDF for 6 Hours Of Validated Volunteer Time

How It Works:
⦁ Get A Volunteer Laminate At The Participation Station For Your Shifts
⦁ Get Your Volunteer Hours Validated By Getting Coordinator Sign Off On the Laminate
⦁ Bring Laminate With Minimum 6 Validated Hours To The Participation Station To Get Registered For The Program and earn a reserve ticket (not free, just reserved) to the next PDF!
⦁ This is an OPT IN program! Coordinators and Departments do not track your hours. Participants must bring their validated laminate to the Participation Station before to sign up!

However, Playa del Fuego doesn’t just need onsite volunteers. We need help year round in planning and coordinating this event. If you are interested in serving the PDF community outside the burn, here are some current opportunities to participate.

FirePony Creative Society:


BOARD MEMBERs – FirePony will be initiating the board nomination process in 2022. FirePony Creative Society is the legal and liability oversight organization for the Burning Man Regionals Playa del Fuego, Constellation Burn, and other programming. Learn about FirePony and the board and start the conversation now. FPCS website: https://firepony.org/about/board-of-directors/ Email: board@firepony.org

R.I.D.E. FirePony – FirePony is committed to upholding the principle of Radical Inclusion by increasing Diversity and promoting Equity in our leadership and at our events, and rooting out residual racism in our organization. We invite community members (that’s YOU!) to join us in making that happen.

Playa del Fuego Leadership Opportunities:


SECRETARY. This position works with the PDF Event Coordinator Fiona to create agendas, takes notes during committee calls, and publishes the notes to the PDF website

VOLUNTEER CO-COORDINATOR(S) – Two people needed to expand the team and split the following non-exhaustive list of duties – Coordinate with departments to manage the volunteer sign-ups, manage the Volunteer Reserve Ticket Program, submit department budget, be a community ambassador for volunteering, manage the Participation Station onsite, and manage, document, train, and prep Participation Station volunteers.

PARKING CO-COORDINATOR(S) – Two to Four people needed to assist the parking coordinator team to help split the duties related to the parking department including (but not limited to) managing the RV and on-site parking pass process, partnering with other departments to plan and conduct parking operations onsite, set up and tear down of parking lots, and manage, document, train, and prep parking volunteers. 

SANCTUARY CO-COORDINATOR – One person needed that is trained in Harm Reduction with previous Sanctuary/ Harm Reduction experience with willingness, availability, and enthusiasm to help with all facets of planning, organizing, managing, documenting, training and Sanctuary volunteers and general running of PDF Sanctuary. 

CITY PLANNING / THEME CAMP PLACEMENT CO-COORDINATOR – One person needed to help with all things city planning and theme camp placement, to assist in creating, mapping, setting up, and tearing down the PDF city plan, managing the theme camp placement process, and ideally acting as a PDF/ theme camp ambassador.

RANGER CO-COORDINATOR(S) – Two people with Ranger experience needed to expand the team and manage the department including volunteer recruitment and management, Ranger trainings pre-event and on-site orientation during the event, and general department duties. 

GREETER CO-COORDINATOR – One person needed to help bring our beautiful burners home! Share department responsibilities with an established Greeter team and teach the 10 Principles to our newbies!

FIRST AID CO-COORDINATORS – Two people with minimum CPR and First Aid certification to help maintain a self-serve first aid station.

ART GRANT COORDINATOR(S) – One to two people needed to help facilitate the art grant process including researching and rewarding art grants and acting as liaison between burnable art submissions and the safety team liaison. 

SOUND CO-COORDINATOR – Night owl wanted to help the team monitor theme camp sound levels overnights.

General Coordinator and Department Lead Expectations:

TL;DR Coordinators/Leads are responsible for all aspects of their department: before, during, and after the event. 

Responsibilities include but are not limited to: 

  • Familiarity with the department
  • Ability to delegate responsibilities to a team of co-coordinators and/or assistant coordinators, as the coordinator sees fit
  • Prepare all required documentation for the department including a department Afterburn Report, updating and maintaining a department operations document, and department inventory, as well as any department specific documentation such as safety plan, city map, parking guide, how-to guidelines, etc.
  • Agree to sign and adhere to the Social Media Agreement
  • Prepare for and participate in event organizational meetings
  • Develop volunteer schedule and recruit volunteers to fulfill department responsibilities
  • Manage, document, train, and prepare department volunteers as needed, including before and during the event (per department needs)
  • Fill vacant volunteer shifts when efforts to fill the shift have failed
  • Create and manage Departmental Budget and submitting it on time
  • Acquire budget items and assure their transportation to the event
  • Maintain budget receipts and submit them to the Finance Liaison/Treasurer in a timely manner for reimbursement
  • Save the organization money whenever possible
  • Communicate and collaborate with event leadership, the FirePony board, and other department coordinators/leads as needed
  • Read and participate in the event email distribution list and organizational communications in a timely manner
  • Use online tools and resources such as email, mail-lists, Google Docs and calendars, Zoom, and Slack to communicate and manage tasks for the event
  • Be onsite pre-event and post-event to set up and break down your department, as needed per department. Basic infrastructure is provided by the Department of Public Work (DPW)
  • Prepare and submit an After-Burn report for your department within the timeframe given
  • Coordinators attending the event must provide proof of COVID vaccination as required by all attendees

Note: Community members that have been removed from a prior volunteer position or have been banned from attending any FirePony event at any time are not eligible to participate as a Coordinator or Department Lead

2022 Vaccination Requirement

All attendees are required to show proof of up-to-date vaccination status at the gate before being admitted to Playa Del Fuego. This includes boosters for individuals who completed their initial vaccinations more than 6 months prior.