A Fully Sanctioned Burning Man Regional

Ice & Re-entry Passes

Ice is nice. PDF sells ice both before and at the event. PDF also sells re-entry passes if you need to leave and return mid-event.

Re-Entry Passes

As PdF is a sincere experiment in temporary community, leaving during the event with plans to return is highly discouraged. Participants should plan to bring everything they need and stay for the duration. Ins and outs not only disrupt the continuity of experience for the participant and community members, but they also create significantly more work for the humble volunteers, particularly gate and parking. Additionally, the landowners expressed preferences for PdF to minimize in/out traffic on their land.

With all that in mind, re-entry passes are required to re-enter the event once you have left. Re-Entry Passes will be available for purchase online at peacock.firepony.org prior to the burn. Re-Entry passes will be available for purchase onsite with credit/debit card only; details coming soon. Re-entry passes and wristbands will be required to re-enter the event once having left. Please be radically self-reliant and plan to not leave.

In the event of a medical or other emergency, the need for passes may be waived on a case-by-case basis.


Ice will also be available for sale prior to the burn on the website at peacock.firepony.org, as well as onsite at particular times. Purchased ice can be picked up from the ice truck at pickup times listed below.

2024 Pre-Sale Reentry Pass & Ice Sales

Where: peacock.firepony.org during or after Round 2 Ticket Sales for pick-up during the event

Price: (payment thru Paypal)

  • Ice: $3 per 7lb bag
  • Reentry Pass: $20 per car per reentry

Online Sales Close: TBD

2024 Onsite Reentry Pass & Ice Sales

Where: At the Ice Truck

Price: (payment thru PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, credit/debit card, etc.; NO CASH)

  • Ice: $3 per 7lb bag
  • Reentry Pass: $20 per car per reentry

When: Friday, Saturday & Sunday; between 11-noon and 5-6