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Ongoing Events 2023

Ongoing Events 2023

Event Name Description Location Age of Audience What to bring Event Type
Classic rock guessing

Surprise me and yourself with a History lesson in Classic Rock. Drop by to hear some Classic Rock. Show you knowledge of such. If you’re right you’ll get a prizes for the correctly guess song(s) being played. I’d say more but then it wouldn’t be a surprise, right.

Open camping Everyone Music
Marking the kNight

What’s the best piece on the chess board (The knight of course)? Who’s enjoying the playa goodness and having a reMARKable time (you are)? So now it’s time for you to make your mark on the night by marking on the Knight.
Leave words, draw a picture, or make a doddle or two.
You can come whenever just come through.
All are welcome so that means you know who,
And you’ll get Playa Token by just showing me what you do. (while supply last).

At the “Raku Rodeo” Everyone

Thoughts about their night.