We’re a Burning Man affiliated event for the mid-Atlantic region, promoting the ten principles of Burning Man and inspiring participants to join in on the gifting and self expression so vital to our community. We welcome and need all participants, newbie to gnarled, because we are an engine that runs on good will. So check out the site and get ready to be part of one of the most creative and joyful communities on the planet.

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What Where When & Theme Camps Applications are now open.

Registrations for the spring 2014 season are now open. The web team is constantly upgrading and improving our processes, and with those improvements sometimes also come change.  Before you register your What Where When events, Theme Camps or apply for placement, please read below for instructions on the best way to proceed.  Please note you must be logged into the Playa del Fuego website to register.  If you aren't sure if you are logged in, simply look at the top right hand corner of the web site, if it shows your name, you are logged in, if not, you must register an account or log into your existing account.

NOTE: You must be logged in for all the below features.

A new feature we are introducing for this burn is the MY PDF section of the website.  This will allow you to take a look at any registrations you have attached to your account, see their status and alter them as needed as well as create new ones.  Just click My PDF on the main menu at the top of the page.

Theme Camps
Theme Camps are now saved from burn to burn and the information is pulled automatically into the What Where When, Placement and Sound Camp applications.  So instead of having to re-enter all your theme camp information each burn, you only need to let us know you are attending the upcoming burn and make an alterations to your Theme Camp Name or Description.  
To do this follow the instructions below.

  1. Click My PDF on the menu bar at the top of the page.
  2. Click EDIT in the column to the right of your Theme Camp information.
  3. Scroll down to the section titled: "Select the burns your camp has attended or will be attending"
  4. Check the upcoming burn in the list of burns.
  5. Make any other alterations you'd like to make to your Theme Camp information
  6. Click the Save button at the bottom.

Placement and Sound Camp Requests
If you would like for your Theme Camp to be placed, or would like to bring sound to PDF.  Go to the Theme Camp page (departments->Theme Camps on the menu to the left) and follow the instructions there or go to the My PDF page.

What Where When
The What When When is Playa del Fuego's guide to everything going on at PDF.  To add information to both the online and printed version of the What Where When, go to the What Where When page (Click What Where When on the menu to the left) and follow the instructions there or go to the My PDF page.

Spring 2014 Official Dates Announced

Below are the official ticket sale dates, as well as deadlines for hardship ticket applications, arts grants, and the pony effigy!
Please pass the information on to your friends and camp members.  
The Arts Grants and Pony applications will be going live soon, we will update the website with more information as it becomes available.
FYI, all applications are due by the END of the day specified (11:59pm)
Ticket Sales:
Round 1: Wednesday, Feb 19th @ 9pm
Round 2: Saturday, March 22 @ Noon
More info on tickets: http://playadelfuego.org/ticketsfaq
Hardship Ticket Deadlines:
Round 1: Wednesday, Feb 12th
Round 2: Saturday, March 15th
More info on hardship tickets: http://playadelfuego.org/hardshiptickets
Art Grants:
Deadline for Round 1: Friday, Feb 21st
Round 1 Recipients Chosen and Announced: Sunday, March 2nd
Deadline for Round 2: Saturday, March 22nd 
Round 2 Recipients Chosen and Announced: Sunday, March 30th
Deadline for Submissions: Monday, Feb 24
Effigy chosen and announced:  Monday, March 10th
More info on arts grants and the effigy: http://playadelfuego.org/artgrantgoals

Welcome New Board Member

Welcome Dove "Starfish" Russo, the newest member to be elected to the Playa del Fuego Board of Directors. A sincere thank you to all the hard working and well respected members of our community who were nominated. This nomination cycle also produced the largest amount of community feedback EVER. This community belongs to all us and it is a sign of health to get so much sincere input from so many different members of it. It is never to soon to start thinking of nominees for next year.