No Trampolines

Trampolines are banned from FPCS events. The legal liabilities and compromise to participants safety overshadow any community desires to have such items on site.  For additional information go to the Trampoline Policy Page

Art Grant Recipients

Congratulations to our 2019 Art Grant Recipients

  • Syno Synaptic Synchronicities - Ramirez
  • PUber - ShariBerie
  • Don Quixote's Dumbells - Balance & Forest Fire
  • Toilet Cats - ClownShoe
  • Spool of the Dawn - Laura
  • Giant Rideable Unicorn - Nataraj
  • 23 Kazoo - Peter
  • Sweep - Quentin
  • Pony Express - Saint
  • aMAZEing Principles - Sheck
  • Before I Die... - Sheck
  • Mini Burn - Heidi
  • VIP Porta-Pots - Sean
  • Native Spirit - Aura Love
  • Killadelphia Experiment M.V & Art Garage - Drew-cifer
  • Temple of the Fallen Pony - Monk-E
  • The Orphanage - Xavier
  • Make Your Own Sock Muppets - Snuggle and Mojo
  • Shitposts! For Science? - Pockets
  • WagWeg - Burning Rabbit
  • Tabula Rosa - Bugster
  • Prayer Pinecone - Positive Pineapple - Chimera11


Onsite Parking Applications are Due May 10th!

If you're camping with a Theme Camp, and your Theme Camp has requested a vehicle pass for your vehicle through the Theme Camp Placement application, please do not submit an Onsite Parking Request for that vehicle. Onsite Parking requests are only needed for vehicles NOT requested to be parked in placed Theme Camps. 

If you are planning on parking a vehicle anywhere other than the parking lot, be sure to submit an onsite parking application by Friday!

You must pre-register to park on-site. A limited number of passes are available on a first come first served basis, and receipt of a pass is not guaranteed. Only vehicles that contain beds (RVs, etc), or that are needed for medical reasons may park on site.

Do NOT show up planning to park on-site if you haven't pre-registered. RVs are not permitted in the parking lots, so if you show up without a pass you may be sent home!

Pre-registration does not guarantee on-site parking in the event of extremely muddy conditions.

You must be signed in to apply for onsite parking.

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