Available Leadership Positions for PDF 2020

The beginning stages in planning Playa del Fuego 2020 are happening now!
First steps are reviewing opening and available leadership positions.

New or vacant positions available include:
*  Acculturation Coordinator
*  Conclave Safety Coordinator
*  Planning Committee Co-Coordinator
*  Planning Committee Secretary
*  Planning Committee Treasurer
*  Conclave Drum Coordinator
*  Signage Coordinator

"Leadership" is sometimes a daunting word to read. People can get intimidated by the responsibility and pressures the words insinuate. However, many roles are considered Leadership that are stepping stones in the progress of being comfortable and confident in your abilities. Some people are even just afraid of using a Radio to communicate.
Our team of experienced Coordinators and community members are here to help you learn, and grow, and be a part of PdF growing.

Many skill sets are needed from manual labor and engineering, to clerical work and information sorting, to helping design and define the event layout and art itself, and anyone can be a part of it! You just have to step up and be a part of the team!
Join us.

Many of the following positions are also available, the Departments are not vacant and you will be co-coordinating:
*  Art Grant Co-Coordinator
*  Art Grant Committee Members
*  Communications Co-Coordinator
*  Conclave Co-Coordinator
*  Effigy Perimeter Co-Coordinator
*  First Aid Co-Coordinator
*  Parking Co-Coordinator
*  Greeters Co-Coordinator
*  Lamplighters Co-coordinator
*  Participation Co-Coordinator
*  Placement/ City Planning Co-Coordinator
*  Rangers Co-Coordinator
*  Sanctuary Co-Coordinator

So whether the position you are interested in is listed above, or you just want to help in any way you can, please take some time and fill out our form linked here!


No Trampolines

Trampolines are banned from FPCS events. The legal liabilities and compromise to participants safety overshadow any community desires to have such items on site.  For additional information go to the Trampoline Policy Page

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