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Thursday Events

Thursday Events

Date Start Time End Time Event Name Description Location Age of Audience What to bring: Event Type
Thursday, May 25th 11:00 AM 11:11 PM Chrysalid Abatement and Nymph Control

Are you concerned about Blithe or Flitting Stinglider attacks? Loath to exacerbate Tamaquan area decapitation statistics? Burrowing Stinglider larvae can remain dormant in the anthracite for years, PROVIDED that no THIN METAL RODS are prodded into the terrain. IF DISTURBED, the nymphs may emerge from their burrows and climb to the top of the nearest tree, post, or weathervane to build an ominous and looming nest. Now is the time to eradicate invasive pokings!

Little Schuylkill / Panther Creek watershed Everyone

Safer alternatives to ground-poking include sandbaggery, hot-air balloons, or a fully staffed palanquin system.

Thursday, May 25th 8:00 PM 2:00 AM TIKI Fire Circle, First Night Jam

“It’s only Thursday” at TIKI's Fire Circle! Bring your props & get fired up with TIKI! The beats will be bouncing. The bar will be bumping. When the sun goes down, the Circle will be jumping! Come join us to kick off the event & light up the night. Our Fuel Dump is at your disposal to dip & spin. Safeties are on hand, if you need a trusted pair of eyes to keep your set safe, just ask. Please spin responsibly! Ensure your attire & mind are fire safe! We reserve the right to stop you if we spot potential danger. Please don’t put us in that spot. Have fun & burn bright!!!

Camp TIKI Everyone

Fire Props, Fire Safe Clothing, Safeties & Fire Blankets (also on hand, just ask if you need!), Any Special Fuels Needs (We only stock White Gas to share)

Art, Anarchy, Music
Thursday, May 25th 8:00 PM 1:00 AM Parent Teacher Conferences

Come meet the Field Trippin’ teachers!! We are sorry to inform you that we will have to talk to you about Billy’s constant outbursts, Karen’s low test scores, and Bobby’s incessant blabbering, which keeps disrupting class. This could be stressful and not what you want to hear after a long day of burning, but luckily we will have libations and light snacks to help numb all of the news of your brats' bad behavior.

Camp Field Trippin' 21+ Only

A cup

Thursday, May 25th 9:08 PM Temple Illumination

The first illumination of the temple at sunset. Come join us as we light up the night at the Temple of Rumination.... Hopefully we charged the batteries.

Temple Everyone Spiritual
Thursday, May 25th 10:00 PM 11:00 PM Professor Willie’s 1960s liquid light show

Professor Willie’s 1960s liquid light show. Tune in, Turn on, But don’t drop out… Come here instead! The 1960s liquid light show is a live show… created while you watch! Projected psychedelic imagery, similar to the visuals used by 60s & 70s psychedelic bands such as Jefferson Airplane and Pink Floyd will include imagery produced using liquid dyes and colored oils, augmented by slides, videos, and laser patterns. Tune in and turn on to the psychedelic imagery and music of the 60s and early 70s!
Thursday: 60s and early 70s
Friday: Music of Pink Floyd
Saturday: Mix of Floyd and 60s and 70s

Professor Willie's Everyone Art, Music