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Friday Events 2023

Friday Events 2023

Date Start Time End Time Event Name Description Location Age of Audience What to bring Event Type
Friday, May 24th 1:00 PM 3:00 PM Fold N that pony

Learn to make a paper pony you can take & burn in your fire pit. Created using some origami techniques and other ways as well but all done with paper. There will be paper available to use. Walk on over and leave with a horse.

At the "Raku Rodeo" Everyone Art, Crafts, Educational
Friday, May 24th 2:00 PM 4:00 PM Raku Rodeo II

We are taking raku on the playa! You burn & smoke your own pony pottery. Come by and select a piece, glaze it & then have fired on the spot. Once cool you can take it with you,(now that's "Kool) show your friends what we did on the playa.

At the "Raku Rodeo" of course Everyone

Open minds and creative thoughts. Brushes, pieces, and glaze will be supplied.

Art, Crafts, Educational, Spiritual